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Abrahamson set to visit Wake Forest in June

Kale Abrahamson Official Highlights 2011 (via GaryNiederhauser)

As the AAU season is getting started for the Martin Brothers Attack, Kale Abrahamson is looking forward to using the summer to show off his talents and produce in front of scouts and coaches.

Kale currently holds offers from Wake Forest, Albany, Nebraska, and Northern Iowa. 

We caught up with the  6'7, 195 rising senior (Class of 2012) after he returned from the Boo Williams Invitational, the first event of the EYBL series, earlier today.

Click through to see what Kale has to say about his recruiting process, time table for a decision, and comments on his game.

Wake Forest is the latest school to offer Abrahamson, the hybrid shooting guard/small forward out of West Des Moines Iowa. Although he is rated a 2** by ESPN (88 overall), many schools have been pursuing him recently.

"Coach Bzdelik and Coach LaRue have really led the recruiting so far." said Abrahamson. "My high school coach called me in to his office a couple of weeks ago and told me that Coach Bzdelik wanted me to call him because he couldn't talk to me in person (due to the recruiting period the NCAA was currently in). He said Wake would love to have me and offered a scholarship right there. I am taking a visit down to Wake in June and am really excited about it."

Other than the schools that have already offered Abrahamson, many are also giving him pretty good looks. "Stanford, Creighton, Iowa, and Iowa State have all been looking at me closely," said Abrahamson. "I am going to give every school a fair chance and make the decision that is best for me when I have all of the facts. I do plan to make my decision by the end of summer. I want to get it out of the way before my high school season starts."

Kale has lived in Iowa and Missouri in his lifetime, and does not really have a favorite team. "I'm kind of a fair weather fan. I'll pull for whoever is doing well year in and year out." This is a big reason why he is not attached to a particular school yet, and wants to give all schools a legitimate look.

Abrahamson is a great shooter, and also has shown the ability to get the rim at will. When asked how he would characterize his game, he came up with a different answer. "I don't really think of myself as a shooter or a scorer, I just think of myself as a basketball player. I am going to do whatever it takes to win. If that means I have to score it fine. If I have to pass it, then that is fine too."

Most of the write-ups I have seen about Abrahamson have commended his defense and called it scrappy, like the quote from's scouting of him:

Defensively, Kale will take charges, deny his man and rebound down from the wing position and is capable of defending multiple positions.

This is why I was intrigued by his answer to what his weakness is. "Defense is definitely something that I really work on a lot. What is good enough for me now in high school will not be good enough in two years when I get to whatever college I commit to. I just have to keep working hard and continue to improve."

The Martin Brothers Attack will play in the Elite Youth Basketball League (EYBL) this summer, having qualified a couple of weeks ago in the Indianapolis qualifier. MBA went 3-2 this weekend according to Abrahamson, despite having a "bad day" on Saturday. The next EYBL event on the schedule for the Martin Bros Attack is the Dallas event at the end of April.

I would encourage anybody around the Dallas area to head out to that EYBL event and lend Kale some support. It is the weekend of April 30th, and we will likely have a schedule up as the weekend grows nearer. We will continue to keep in touch with Kale over the course of the summer about his recruiting, as well as his AAU team. Keep checking in for updates at Blogger So Dear!