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2011 Projected Wake Forest Spring Football 2-Deep Roster (Offense)


I got this idea from BCInterruption (Our sister site that represents Boston College), and since we have been taking a bit of a break since the end of basketball season, I figured this was a good time to project the two deep lineup for our football team next year.

Obviously things can change, but I am attempting to provide the most up-to-date projection of the Syracuse game were next weekend instead of the Spring Game.

If I am missing something blatant then let me know because I am bound to make one huge mistake. Comments are welcome, as well as questions about why I slotted certain players where they are. Enjoy!

Note: Year is what they will be next fall (Tanner=So, Josh Harris=R-So, etc.)

This is the first part of a two part series. Today we will focus on offense, and tomorrow we will focus on defense.

Click through for the Blogger So Dear 2-deep Projection


QB Tanner Price 6-2, 190 SO

       Ted Stachitas 6-1, 205 RS JR

RB Josh Harris 5-10, 205 RS SO

       Brandon Pendergrass 5-9, 200 RS SR

FB Tommy Bohanon 6-2, 245 JR

      Jordan Garside 5-10, 225 SO

WR Chris Givens 6-0, 195 RS-Jr

        Danny Dembry 6-2, 195 RS SR

FL   Michael Campanaro 5-10, 185 RS SO

       Lovell "Scooby" Jackson 5-10, 185 RS JR

TE Andrew Parker 6-5, 245 SR

     Cameron Ford 6-4, 255 RS SR

LT Dennis Godfrey 6-3, 335 RS SR

      Steven Chase 6-7, 295 RS SO

LG Joe Looney 6-3, 315 SR

       Antonio Ford 6-3, 285, RS FR

C Garrick Williams 6-4, 310 RS JR

    Chance Raines 6-2, 290 RS JR

RG Michael Hoag 6-6, 295, RS SR

       Colin Summers 6-4, 310 RS FR

RT Doug Weaver 6-8, 305 RS SR

      Daniel Blitch 6-6, 305 RS FR



  • The offense has struggled  a good amount throughout the spring practices. I have heard from some of the players (and a parent of one of the players) that the offensive sets and schemes are fairly complicated and some are very difficult to grasp.
  • Grobe has been complaining about some of the players not practicing because of injuries. The offense (especially the tight end position) is responsible for the majority of Grobe's comments.
  • Josh Harris has been tearing it up so far at the practices and scrimmages. He has been nursing a hamstring injury, but he seemingly has not been too hampered by it so far.
  • Michael Campanaro has also had a pretty good spring. All of the wide receivers have had some drop issues, but the addition of Lonnie Galloway should help all of them. Camp and Givens will both play a fair amount out of the flanker position. This corps has a bright future, and according to many, Matt James could be very good in the next couple of years, but may not play a big role this year.
  • As mentioned before, tight ends have been a troubled spot for the offense. Ford has been nursing a leg injury, and Parker has missed some time as well. It would be nice if one of them could grab the job by the horns and take over.
  • The offensive line has a lot of question marks (as it seems to every year...). Joe Looney is the vocal and physical leader of the offense and has been playing that role very, very well. Other than Looney, nobody else has stepped up, although I know that Weaver has been playing pretty well too. Look for Summers to potentially take the starting spot from Hoag.
  • Tanner Price is still the starting quarterback and been pretty impressive from what I've heard. I'm not really sure about Stachitas or Cross as the 2nd teamer. Cross has a more impressive arm, but Stachitas really gets it done with his feet. Either way, barring injury or something else freakish happening, Price will be the starter for the Deacs against Syracuse on opening weekend.
Look for the 2nd part of the series on the defensive 2-deep in the next couple of days. Spring game is next Saturday, so I am looking forward to that as well!