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Pomeroy Bracketology: Championship Week



Welcome to another edition of Pomeroy bracketology. Championship week is well under way, with eight bids already claimed. All of the bubble teams from major conferences have one last chance to prove their worth; click through to see a bracket that projects the results of the major conference tournaments.

Here's the vital statistics from the latest bracket:

Last 4 BYES:
Virginia Tech
Michigan St

Last 4 IN (First Four):
Boston College

First 4 OUT:
Missouri St

Bids by Conference:
Big East: 11
Big 10: 6
Big 12: 6
ACC: 6
SEC: 5
Pac 10: 3
MWC: 3
A14: 3
CAA: 2
WCC: 2

Notable projections in this bracket:

-ACC: Duke beats North Carolina in the tournament final. Clemson wins the 4-5 game over Boston College (leaving them in college basketball purgatory for two days), and Virginia Tech plays their way off the bubble with a win over Florida State.
-Big East: Holds shape fairly well. Upsets (according to seed): Connecticut beats Georgetown for a spot in the quarters, and Louisville beats Notre Dame in a semifinal.
-SEC: Kentucky beats Florida in the final. Alabama wins the de-facto play-in game against Georgia in the quarters.
-Big 10: No notable upsets here. Bracket holds, except for the 9 over the 8, and Illinois winning the 4-5 game. If Michigan and Michigan St both lose in the quarters (and I think this is quite likely) they will be among the most nervous on Selection Sunday. I have them both in for now.
-Big 12: Kansas earns a 1 seed over Texas, beating them in the final. Missouri makes a big move in terms of their NCAA seeding, upsetting Texas A&M in the 3-6 game. Colorado gets in despite a loss in the 4-5 game. Nebraska and Baylor need one more impact win, and it doesn't happen against Kansas and Texas.
-Pac 10: Washington beats Arizona in the final. USC and Washington St don't make quite enough noise.
-MWC: San Diego St beats BYU in the final.
-CUSA: UTEP falls just short on their home floor against UAB in the final. Memphis bows out meekly in a quarterfinal.
-A14: Xavier beats Temple in the final. Richmond gets in despite a semifinal loss; Duquesne does not.

Here's the bracket, broken down by seed, in S-Curve order. The team's seed in Lunardi's latest bracketology is in parenthesis. Teams that have already clinched an automatic berth are written in CAPS.

1 Seeds:
Ohio St (1)
Kansas (1)
Pittsburgh (1)
Duke (1)

2 Seeds:
San Diego St (3)
Texas (2)
North Carolina (2)
Purdue (3)

3 Seeds:
Notre Dame (2)
Kentucky (4)
BYU (2)
Florida (3)

4 Seeds:
Syracuse (3)
Louisville (4)
Wisconsin (4)
Xavier (5)

5 Seeds:
St. John's (4)
Connecticut (5)
Arizona (5)
Kansas St (6)

6 Seeds:
West Virginia (5)
Vanderbilt (6)
Cincinnati (7)
Missouri (8)

7 Seeds:
Utah St (8)
Temple (7)
UCLA (7)
Villanova (7)

8 Seeds:
Texas A&M (6)
Illinois (9)
Washington (10)

9 Seeds:
UNLV (8)
Georgetown (6)
George Mason (8)

10 Seeds:
Clemson (11)
Florida St (9)
Tennessee (9)
St. Mary's (10)

11 Seeds:
Virginia Tech (12)
Butler (12)
Michigan St (12)
Marquette (10)

12 Seeds:
Richmond (11)
UAB (12)
Alabama (NR)
Boston College (11)
Colorado (11)
Michigan (11)

13 Seeds:
Harvard (13)
Oakland (13)

14 Seeds:
Long Beach St (15)
Bucknell (14)


15 Seeds:
Northern Colorado (15)
Long Island (14)
Buffalo (NR)

16 Seeds:
Boston U (16)
Sam Houston St (NR)
North Texas (NR)

Hampton (NR)
Texas Southern (16)