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Basketball Roster Breakdown for the Future


I did a little excel work today and made a table that should provide a pretty clear breakdown of the Wake Forest basketball roster for the next 5 years. As we add commits I will add to the spreadsheet and keep it updated.

For the positions I did my best to judge them based on what they are recruited to play, or what they have played before. For example: Carson Desrosiers could be a PF or a C, but he plays C, so I put him there. Rountree can play the 1-2-3, but he was recruited to play the 3, so I put him there. Any suggestions to change somebody would be welcome.

I hope this helps provide clarity for the roster situation. There are 13 scholarships available per year, so Wake is a situation where we have 2 left for 2011, but only 1 for 2012. That opens up the door for a post-grad player (which I have heard we are looking into). Presumably that would be a big man because we are fairly set at the 1 and 2 for the next few years.

Click through for the table. Enjoy! Comments are always welcome

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