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***Everybody Read This***


There have been several e-mails sent to myself and MartinRickman over the past couple of months, and a lot today alone, asking us about some of the comments that have been posted. I will not reveal who they pertained to, or who they were written by. Their main concerns were that the comments on here were extremely hostile and baiting, and it was nearly impossible to have intellectual conversation on here anymore.

Blogger So Dear was started by MartinRickman because he loved Wake Forest and wanted to share his love for the school with others. It went along fine for a couple of years, but as the teams have experienced their hardships, the comments on here have frankly become embarrassing. Personal attacks on posters and specifically on players WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. 

Having an opinion is absolutely fine. There are different opinions expressed by many different people on here, and that is fine. It is not fine however to dilute every single thread with the same arguments over and over again. 

There are plenty of message boards where they can post anonymously and say whatever they want to. We will not turn Blogger So Dear into what the Scout Message Boards have become. We are very serious about this, and anything that we have to do after this will result in a banning.

If there are any questions as to what is or is not acceptable please do not hesitate to contact Martin, myself, or any other editor. Thank you all very much!

Also wanted to add that if you see a post/comment that is inappropriate/repetitive/superfluous/flaming then flag it and Martin or myself will look at it. We have checked out all of the flagged posts so far, and that is one of the things that prompted this as well.