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Eric Katenda to visit Wake Forest this weekend.



Eric Katenda, a 4* power forward from Bel Aire, Kansas (originally Cameroon) is visiting Wake Forest this weekend. Katenda is the 21st best PF in the country in the Class of 2011. He measures in a 6'8, 210 lbs and is down to Wake Forest, Notre Dame, Iowa, and Georgia Tech. Most things that I have seen indicate that he is really down to Wake Forest and Notre Dame. I believe that we have an outstanding chance at landing Katenda, and it would really help us out next year, especially if we do not get Lekan Ajayi.

From what I have heard, Travis McKie will be "hosting" Eric, and Coach Battle, the primary recruiter, will be heading up most of the operations. ND losing last weekend was pretty big, and the staff is very keen on getting Eric to sign ASAP. 

I will update anything else I get, or bump this thread after his visit.

EDIT (2:13PM): It has not been confirmed that McKie will be hosting Katenda. It will more likely be a different Wake Forest player.

Click through for ESPN.coms evaluation of Katenda.

Katenda is a long and athletic hybrid forward who has a very high ceiling. He runs the floor very well, moves well laterally, is extremely bouncy, and plays high above the rim. He has a good skill base facing the basket as he is very smooth handling the ball in the open floor or facing up and attacking his man in the quarter court. He has a soft touch in the mid-range area and can even step out and knock down the occasional three-pointer. His mobility is a major weapon defensively and he is already a good shot blocker and high volume rebounder.

While Katenda is very skilled for a player his size, he gets a little too enamored with the perimeter at times. He is much more comfortable facing the basket then playing with his back to it and would do well to capitalize on his athleticism more consistently in the post instead of settling for so many long jumpers. He isn't a big fan of contact inside the paint on either end of the floor and needs to develop the killer instinct to be great.

Bottom Line:
Katenda is an undeniable talent with great size, length, athleticism, and skills for a player his size. He needs to become a little more physically assertive and concentrate on impacting the game more in the paint instead of constantly trying to prove his worth on the perimeter.