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Lekan Ajayi Update


In a bizarre turn of events, it would appear that Wake Forest is still in the running for Quality Education's Lekan Ajayi.

An article written by Adam Zagoria (ZagsBlog) tonight, Ajayi's uncle said the following:

"His uncle, Godwin Owinje, said Ajayi may also visit Florida State, Miami or Wake Forest, although Ajayi has said Wake is not on his list.

"I know Florida State is in the picture and Miami’s in the picture and Wake Forest’s in the picture," Owinje said. "We are just waiting for things to cool down before we decide where he’s going to visit"

While it is not necessarily the best news for Wake Forest, it is very good that we are still in the running for him. Ajayi recently set a QEA rebounding record when he pulled down 24 in the NCSAA D1 Championship game.