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Friday Predictions (OPEN THREAD)


The Deacs failed to advance to the quaterfinals of the ACC Tournament, but Blogger So Dear went 4-0 in predictions yesterday. We also witnessed one of the best comebacks in college basketball history in the Miami-UVA game (down by 10 with 40 seconds left).

I don't really have a lot to say about today's games because they were all extremely boring. The Deacs played really hard in the 2nd half, and Travis McKie had his best game as a Deac in my opinion. The year is finally over, so let's turn our focus to other basketball for the near future. We can embark on other conversations about the program next week.

Here are our predictions for tomorrow's games. Let's try to make it another 4-0 day...looks good for us haha.

Click through for BSD and KenPom Friday predictions for the ACC Tournament.


#1 (North Carolina Tar Heels (24-6) vs. #9 Miami Hurricanes (19-13)

KenPom: 77-66 (85%)

BSD Top Secret Formula: UNC-73 Miami-66 (75%)


#5 Boston College Golden Eagles (19-11) vs. #4 Clemson Tigers (20-10)

KenPom: Clemson-67 Boston College-64 (64%)

BSD TSF: Clemson-67 Boston College-65 (55%)


#7 Maryland Terrapins (18-13) vs. #2 Duke Blue Devils (27-4)

KenPom: Duke-81 Maryland-70 (86%)

BSD TSF: Duke-78, Maryland-67 (85%)


#6 Virginia Tech Hokies (19-10) vs. #3 Florida State Seminoles (21-9)

KenPom: Virginia Tech-64 Florida State-63 (56%)

BSD TSF: Virginia Tech-68 Florida State-67 (52%)