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First Round ACC Tourney GChat with BC Interruption


Blogger So Dear got a chance to talk to one of our favorite brother sites in BC Interruption. We share a lot of similar views on sports and get along quite well on Twitter, and the other social media sites that we have both taken over recently. This may not be as vulgar as the chat Marty recently had with Gobbler Country, but it will still be entertaining.

I feel bad that we had to probe his mind on the night before we knock them out of the ACC and NCAA Tournament, but it is what it is.

Click through for BCI and BSD's back and forth on the game tomorrow

BSD: What do you think Donahue is telling his players coming off the heels of a big win over Wake Forest last weekend?

BCI:  Probably the same ol' "coach speak" that any coach tells his team right before a conference tournament. "Don't look ahead." "Treat every game as a must-win." "Focus on fundamentals." Blah blah blah. I think Donahue can capitalize on his experiences coaching in the Ivy League, especially in the "must-win" category. In the Ivy League, every game towards the end of the regular season is sort of a "must win," so while he's never coached in a major conference tournament before, he has a similar perspective.

So BC beat Wake by 16 on Sunday. The point spread on this one is 13. Is Wake going to enjoy any sort of home court advantage tomorrow? Are the Deacon faithful gonna come out in droves tomorrow?


BSD:  Haha, well if you read our message boards then you would think the world was ending. Wake Forest fans will not "come out in droves". I don't want to be negative, but most of our fans have given up on this year, and quite frankly have given up on the coaching staff. I am not one of those people, but it won't bring the fans to the game tomorrow. I think that we may benefit from a new tournament atmosphere, and sadly believe that the fans tomorrow will be better than ours have been at home this year.

Do you think Boston College needs to win two games to make the NCAA Tournament? If you lose to the Deacs tomorrow can you mail in your ticket for the NIT?


BCI:  If we lose, we better check the Conte Forum event calendar, because BC is all but assured of hosting an NIT game next week. With a win, it could really go either way. BC's still on the right side of the bubble, and the bubble has so many warts and 'meh' teams that I could see a situation where the Eagles still end up in the NCAAs with a loss to Clemson. Best not to leave anything to chance, though, and advance to the ACC Semis. We are definitely in with two wins.

BCI:  So given Wake's combined football and basketball performance this year, it's amazing that Blogger So Dear is still up and running.

Not sure I would have had the stomach to write about Wake Forest sports this year ... will Wake basketball ever be good again? Is Bzdelik the guy to rebuild the Wake program?


BSD:  I ask myself the same question a lot. We have a lot of support from loyal fans, and of course have an outstanding owner in Martin Rickman, but this year has been very trying. I have been a diehard since I was born, but it is hard to be content, or even remotely satisfied with this year. I believe that we will turn it around in both sports (an eternal optimist one would say). We are talking basketball, so I will stick to that topic. A lot of people are against Coach Bzdelik because of this year and his past history. I still believe we should give him another year or two to see what he can do. He runs a "Princeton Offense", and that requires a lot of qualities that our players do not possess. I won't get in to the deep basketball analysis like I could, but they are simply not fit to play in his system right now. If we do not turn it around in a year/year and a half then I will want a change. I think that it is only fair to give Coach Bzdelik a chance to really turn it around rather than just a year to do damage control.

What are your predictions for the game tomorrow, and the big question for me having attended a lot of ACC Tourneys...Will your band bring the cowbell guy?!?!?!

BCI:  I think BC will win. Final score 78-64. It would be a flashy win, but the Eagles will do enough to advance. As for the cowbell guy, if he was in Greensboro last year, my guess is he'll be back. Unless, of course, he graduated or something.


BCI:  Last one. Odds Wake continues the curse of the #5 seed tomorrow? And which lower-seed has the best shot at winning two games and advancing to at least the ACC semis ... Your ACC Tournament dark horse?


BSD:  Hmm well my dark horse is not Wake Forest. I think that we can give you a good game, and I will throw in my prediction as well unannounced (76-66 BC). I think that Georgia Tech could possibly beat VT tomorrow night. We all know that Virginia Tech has choked on occasion, and if the Jackets can make it to Friday against the Noles, anything can happen. God knows Wake fans have seen enough of Shumpert and Friends this year.


BSD: Best of luck tomorrow man. I can honestly say that I hope you make the NCAA Tournament and represent the ACC well. We will get you in the coming years.


BCI: You bet. Good luck today, and we'll see you on the Heights in the fall for BC-Wake football.