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Wake Forest Basketball +/- (conference and overall)


Thanks to some hard work by IAppreciateIt (from the Wake Forest Scout Message boards), we have here a comparison of +/- by the players in ACC play, and overall.

Click through to see a brief explanation of the ratings, and what we can conclude from them.


+ is the number of points scored (per 40 minutes) when the player is on the court
- is the number of points allowed (per 40 minutes) when the player is on the court.
+/- is the team's point differential (per 40 minutes) when the player is on the court.
Adj. +/- is calculated on a game-by-game basis and is adjusted for off-court +/-, which takes level of competition into account, and playing time.



  • CJ Harris has stepped his game up big time in the conference. A reasonable inference to draw would also be how Tony Chennault has positively impacted CJ. When Tony is in, CJ can shift back to his natural spot at the 2-guard, where he is much more comfortable.
  • Carson Desrosiers is growing up right in front of us. He is a force on the defensive end, and when he gets his game on offense refined, he could very well be All-ACC his junior and senior years.
  • JTT and Ty Walker, perhaps our two most "natural athletes" are struggling big-time, particularly on defense. Look how much higher the (-) column is when they are in the game. While it may not make sense at first that the defense is bad when Ty Walker is in (since he blocks so many shots), once you think about it and realize that he allows a lot of easy baskets when he tries to block everything, it makes a lot more sense. JTT has to step up on defense, because his offense right now is not compensating for how many points he is giving up.
  • While Gary, Ari, and Travis have all declined in the (ADJ +/-) column, they are all being fairly consistent. This is not to say that they do not have their shortcomings, but they have all brought about the same amount of +/- throughout the whole year, especially on the offensive end.
  • Tony Chennault is going to be a great asset to this team. Numbers don't show how a player leads, but it does show that based on raw numbers, Chennault has been the "best" player in terms of +/- in the ACC. Once he gets back up to speed for the end of the year, as well as next year, he will have a very positive influence on the team.