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Wake Forest Video Board Donation Information

You can now donate online, as many of you have asked about.  Go to:

fill out your info, and choose the project to which you would like to make a capital donation from the drop-down box.

football = video board

You can make a one time donation or a multi-year pledge.  Please consider a multi-year, as we can count those figures toward our total that will justify us moving ahead with the project for THIS year.

There is also a site where you can view the progress of the campaign.  We just put this up there and it has not been updated since 2/11.  We're hoping to have updates every few days.  The response has been very positive and some pledges have been entered, but many others have not.  Also many of you have indicated that you will be donating or pledging now, but have yet to do so.  As these come in, you should start to see some good movement toward the goal.

As you can see we need some serious help to hit our goal by March so we can have the video board ready for THIS year.

You can also call the Deacon Club at 336-758-5626 and pledge or donate by phone.  And feel free to contact me via phone, email or PM if I can help you with a pledge or answer any questions.

Thanks everyone!  We can do this!

Come on guys! Pitch in whatever you can and let's get this going. At least check it out and consider donating. Every little bit counts! Go Deacs!