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11.20 Wake Forest Open Thread


An absolutely huge day for Wake Forest sports today. It's a shame that they aren't spread out evenly so I could take them all in, but I'm planning on heading to the Wake Forest men's and women's basketball games today. Here's the schedule....

1:00 PM- Wake Forest vs. Penn State (Women's Soccer Sweet 16 @ Spry Stadium) Click for live stream.

2:00 PM- Wake Forest vs. Kansas (Women's basketball @ LJVM)

2:00 PM- Wake Forest @ Maryland (Women's Volleyball)

5:00 PM- Wake Forest @ James Madison (Men's Soccer R32)

7:00 PM- Wake Forest vs. North Carolina Central (Men's Basketball)

As you can see, there are a ton of Wake Forest sporting events today, so if you are in the area then there is no excuse not to make it out to at least one of these events to support our student athletes, especially the soccer.

Join us here and chat it up on Blogger So Dear if you can't make it out. We will all do our best to keep people updated throughout the day on the status of the events!


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