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Q and A with Turtle Droppings


It's a little bit later on Friday than we usually throw these up, and it can be blamed only on me. I got the questions Wednesday night and didn't get them back to Chris until this morning.

That being said, he took the time to answer some of our questions, just as I did with him. I'll throw up his answers now and get mine in a Fanshot later tonight.

Enjoy the answers, and hopefully we will get a big win tomorrow to become bowl eligible.

1. It's been a long year for Maryland and their fans. Compared to pre-season expectations with Coach Edsall, especially coming off of a 9-win season, how disappointing has the year been overall?
Turtle Droppings: Everyone is very disappointed.  I think we all knew 9-4 was a little inflated because the schedule was much easier last season.  Still though, I think people would have lived with 6-6 or something like that if it looked like they were improving or building toward something.  It's just the way they have lost.  Some games they look like they are going through the motions out there.  The disappointment really is beyond the field.  Edsall has done an awful job in the media, there are rumors of numerous transfers after the season, and Byrd Stadium will be half full or less next season.  He didn't really have to rebuild when he first took over, but he has taken the program and fan base so low, he truly is building it from scratch.

2. Danny O'Brien had a fantastic freshman season, but struggled mightily this year before he went down with a season-ending injury last week. What can we expect out of CJ Brown. What are his strengths and weaknesses?
TD: With C.J. Brown you can expect a lot of read option plays where he will wind up keeping it a lot.  He is very capable of picking up big chunks of yards with his legs.  His weakness is throwing the ball.  Some of that is the receivers inability to hang on to a pass, but in all honesty he has struggled passing the ball.  Very inaccurate and has a tough time trying to throw down field.  He can do it, just not consistently enough to keep the defenses and honest.

3. Talk a little bit about the defense and what they do well. What are things that they need to work on, and who is the best player on defense that can really hurt the Deacs tomorrow?
TD: If we were in the woods and you asked me this question you would only hear the crickets while I thought long and hard about what they do well!  The defense is bad.  Maybe the worst I have seen in College Park since I really started following them in 1994.  I truly have a hard time picking a team with so many weaknesses on defense.  I truly believe, and I am not just saying this, they do nothing well.  They can't tackle.  They can't stop the run, They can't stop the pass.  I will say they did manage a few sacks against Notre Dame, but there haven't been too many other games where they really pressured the quarterback.  The best thing they can do is tell DC Todd Bradford that the game was canceled and hope he doesn't show up!
The lone bright spot has been the play of Joe Vellano on the defensive line.  He is nonstop, and hardly ever comes off the field.  He is pretty solid against the run, and at times can get a little pressure.  He is one of a few Terps that can tackle.  He is solid, not really someone that is a game changer.  He just does his job pretty well.

4. I want to hear about these new, snazzy unis that y'all are rolling out week after week. How does it feel to have a company that unveils 32 uniforms for you, and how does the fan base and players feel about them?

TD: I would like it if they had a couple of uniforms.  I think they have taken it to the extreme, but for most part I like them.  Some combinations are ugly, but for the most part they aren't too bad.  No one was going to confuse us with a team with a great tradition.  So as far as that goes I am not that upset with the changes.  I think the players really get into it more than the fans.  If it makes one kid pick us over another school, then I guess it is working.  It certainly got us all the publicity we could handle on opening night, but that has since gone down the drain with the poor results on the field. I love the Pride helmets.  Sure they are pretty tough on the eyes, but growing up in Maryland, you just have to love that they used the flag to make them. 
5. Gimme dem predictions so we can make fun of you when they are way off base!!! Just kidding, we will only slightly mock you!
TD: I think Wake is a much better team at this point in the season.  You should have beaten Clemson, and the Notre Dame game was there for the taking as well.  Maryland on the other hand didn't even belong on the field with Notre Dame.  I think the Terps have mailed it in.  I really do.  I think C.J. Brown could give them a little spark, but the issues run deep.  Lets Say Wake 34-13.