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Meet the New SF, Same As the Old SF: My First Post as a BSD Writer


So, I have been given the honor of official author status here on BSD by our wonderful editor Martin Rickman.  I decided, as a result of this, that it might be a good idea to introduce myself a little more formally to you all, and make you guys aware of my connections to WFU, my exposure to sports, and what I hope to accomplish here as a writer on BSD.  Read more after the jump.


I was born January 12, 1987 to a Wake Forest alumnus father and a Salem College alumna mother in northern New Jersey.  Being a kid in a wheelchair, I never really enjoyed sports all that much when I was a kid.  My dad was always passionate about WFU athletics though, and I remember wondering what the big deal was when I heard my dad screaming and celebrating about the various WFU triumphs and failures over the years.  I also hadn't really intended on being a second generation Deac, or at least it wasn't something that I really thought about. 


I visited Wake when I was touring colleges as a college senior and fell in love.  I moved down to NC with my parents to attend Wake Forest University the very night of my freshman orientation in 2005, and have lived here ever since.  Much like my feelings on the university, my feelings on sports changed when I attended my first Wake Forest football game.  I've held season tickets for football and basketball every year, and continue to do so.  I also follow basically all of college "money" athletics, the NFL, and the NBA.  I even enjoy some soccer from time to time.  I'm a rabid fan, a 2009 graduate (with a degree in English) and, well, I'm just like all of you.


But what do I plan to bring to BSD?  Mostly, what I have been.  Recaps, some analysis, and some opinion thrown in there for good measure.  The one thing I also hope to bring to the table that you guys haven't seen quite yet is a little bit of attitude.  Now don't take it wrong, I fully intend to remain wholly professional and a good representation of the WFU community and of BSD. 

But just like my fanpost earlier today about hype shows, I've always had a bit of a flair for the dramatic and the colorful, and I hope to carry that through in my writing some as well.  I'm not going to be disrespectful or inflammatory to anyone, but I plan to intersperse some humor and possibly sarcasm sometimes as well.  After all, we're a blog for fans by fans, and I've never known a fanbase who didn't joke around with each other.  And to be honest, I want to do what I can to justify being brought on, and I think one of the ways I can do that, in addition to being steady, reliable, and professional, is to bring a unique perspective and interject my personality as much as possible within appropriate parameters.

Again, my thanks to Martin, Riley, the rest of the BSD staff, and each and every member of the BSD community, not only for reading my pieces and commenting on them, but also for extending this opportunity to me.  I promise I'll do all I can to justify the decision.

It's a long story how I came by this username, but given the fact that I use a power wheelchair and my username contains the word Samurai, I've long used the sub-moniker of The Rollin' Ronin.  That said, I think I'll use a signoff I have other places for a long time for the first time here on BSD.  Thanks again everyone.  Go Deacs, and finally:


Rollin' Ronin out.