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This game could very well decide the winner of the Atlantic division. The Deacs are 17 points underdogs, but they were 14 point dogs against Notre Dame, and were able to take the lead into halftime. In order to win this game, Sammy Watkins must be contained. Tight end, Dwayne Allen, is also a major concern. He is arguably the best tight end in the country, and could cause some serious mathcup problems. To beat Clemson, the Deacs must eliminate turnovers, have great special teams, and win the mental game. If they can do those things, then they have a chance to emerge victorious. The bye week for Clemson allowed them to nurse injuries. Dabo Swinney says that Andre Ellington is back to full strength, which is bad news for the Deacons' rush defense. Last week, fellow speedster Cierre Wood, rushed for 87 yards on just 14 attempts against the Deacs last week.

I'll be chatting along with you guys the entire game. We finally got ESPNU to work on campus, so that should allow more of our students the opportunity to see the game. Go Deacs!