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Week 10 Power Rankings



I apologize for the delay in getting these up. It has been a tremendously busy week here at Mother So Dear. Now it's time for the weekend and for me to tell you what I think the ACC picture looks like at this point. You might be surprised immediately following the jump. As always, please feel free to comment.



1. Florida State (6-3) Last Wee 2

Result: W (38-7) at Boston College

This Week: vs. Miami


I know Clemson is still first in the Atlantic, but Florida State has been playing outstanding as of late. I fully expect this team to go win out. EJ Manuel has been outstanding as of late, and it is quite clear that they are a much better team with him. If he had been healthy all season, it's very possible they would be in the driver's seat to play in the ACC Championship. 


2. Clemson (8-1) Last Week  1

Result: BYE

This Week: vs. Wake Forest

I'm sure you're wondering how they could possibly drop when they had a BYE, but to my eye, it appears that Florida State is just better. For all intents and purposes, Clemson's game against Wake Forest will decide the division. Will Clemson continue their incredible season or will Jim Grobe somehow manage to take a team from 3-9 to the ACC Championship? Unfortunately for our Deacs, speedster Sammy Watkins may be able to get open at will on Saturday.



3. Virginia Tech (8-1) Last Week  3

Result: BYE

This Week: at #21 Georgia Tech

OK, so I'm cheating a little bit and doing the rankings while watching the Virginia Tech vs. Georgia Tech game. Sorry, that's just how this week's schedule worked out. I liked Virginia Tech to win this game going in, and right now they are up 1, so it's anyone's game. I love David Wilson's talent. He is just incredibly fast and it's difficult to take him down. Logan Thomas improves on a weekly basis, and he is starting to use his athleticism to his advantage. Jarrett Boykin is also a very talented receiver, who does not get the recognition that he deserves. 


4. Georgia Tech (7-2) Last Week 4 

Result: BYE

This Week: vs. Virginia Tech

Just a quick commentary on the game. I have to question Georgia Tech going for 2 when it was 21-19. This team has shown some impressive offensive bursts at times tonight, but I'm still stunned that they beat Clemson. That linebacker who punched Logan Thomas is so dumb. You absolutely cannot put your team in that kind of position. Tevin Washington has looked improved tonight, but he needs to pitch it to his backs and let them get on the perimeter if they want to win.



5. Virginia (6-3) Last Week  7

Result: W (31-13) at Maryland

This Week: vs. Duke


This is one of the great stories in the ACC this season. Virginia went 1-7 in the ACC last year, and now they have won 3 conference games, and are bowl eligible. Somehow Virginia was losing to Maryland after 28 minutes, but then Virginia scores a go-ahead touchdown and never looked back. With Mike London at the helm, I would not be surprised if this team begins to perennially make bowl games. 



6. Miami (5-4) Last Week  8

Result: W (49-14) vs. Duke

This Week: at Florida State

Looking back, that opening night loss to Maryland is just baffling. That's the thing about this Miami team though; you never know what team is going to show up. After their dominant victory over Georgia Tech, I thought for sure they'd beat Virginia at home, but they weren't able to do that. I am curious to see which team shows up against FSU. FSU is so good, though, that it may not matter which Hurricanes team shows up. 



7. North Carolina (6-4) Last Week  5

Result: L (13-0) at N.C. State

This Week: BYE

Why couldn't the Carolina team we saw this past weekend have played Wake? They just could not get anything going against State. Somehow, State continues to own Carolina in this series. Carolina has a BYE this week before taking on Virginia Tech in Blacksburg next Thursday. I doubt they win that one, but I do expect them to beat Duke. I do not believe Everett Withers will be back next season. 


8. Wake Forest (5-4) Last Week 6

Result:  L (24-17) vs. Notre Dame

This Week: at #9 Clemson

If you want to beat a team as talented as Notre Dame, you are going to have to score in the Red Zone. Two trips for 0 points in the second half is just unacceptable. Things won't get any easier for the Deacs as they travel to Death Valley to take on the Tigers. The Deacs are currently a 16.5 point underdog, and I fully expect Clemson to cover. If the Deacs can somehow snap their losing streak and beat Clemson, all they would need to do is beat Maryland at home to earn their first trip to the ACC Championship since 2006. 



9. N.C. State (5-4) Last Week  10

Result: W (13-0) vs. North Carolina

This Week: at Boston College

My hat is off to Tom O'Brien. I was very critical of this team earlier in the season, but the Wolfpack are playing much better and coming off a great win over their rival North Carolina. They just need to beat Boston College and Maryland to make a bowl. Their defense was outstanding this weekend. Carolina had a very impressive offense against Clemson and Wake, but somehow N.C. State shut them out. 



10. Duke (3-6) Last Week  9

Result: L (49-14) at Miami

This Week: at Virginia

This will start the trend of teams that I don't think will win another game this season. Virginia has been playing too well, and Duke just isn't capable of beating them at this point in the season. You can't allow 30 points per game and expect to win many games. 


11. Boston College (2-7) Last Week  11

Result: L (38-7) vs. Florida State

This Week: vs. N.C. State

Boston College just looked awful against Florida State. I love college football, but I just couldn't watch it was so bad. That tells you how bad Maryland is. Maryland lost to this team by 11 at home. Boston College has games remaining against N.C. State, Notre Dame, and Miami. I think they'll finish the season at 2-10. 


12. Maryland (2-7) Last Week  12

Result: L (31-13) vs.Virginia

This Week: vs. Notre Dame (FedEx Field)

Usually they say  not to wear white after Labor Day. Maryland decided not to beat FBS opponent after Labor Day. Their only win since their opening night victory over Miami has been a victory of in-state FCS opponent Towson. This team will most certainly lose to Notre Dame, and then they face Wake Forest and N.C. State, who will be fighting to become bowl eligible. I fully expect this Maryland team to go 2-10. Maryland fans have to be asking themselves, 'Is it lacrosse season yet?'