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LOWF Defeats FSU 35-30

I heard and read it all week from all corners, nooks, and crannies of the internet: "No matter how bad we play, we will beat them because it's "Wake Forest". Well, the Deacs came out yesterday and showed Florida State that they cannot continue taking an "oh it's just Wake Forest" mindset if they want to beat us. 

These are not your Daddy's Deacs.

Florida State was the faster, better, and stronger team, but the Deacs found a way to win by forcing 5 turnovers, and making big play after big play on the vaunted FSU defense. 

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Through ten minutes, I turned to a friend I was sitting next to and said that in order to win this game, we were going to have to force a lot of turnovers, and hit on a couple of home run balls. Well, we certainly got 'em, and we got 'em when it mattered. FSU has the stars, the big name coaches, and the big name recognition, but yesterday, they came up short to a team that wanted it more in Wake Forest.

The talk all week from the Wake Forest camp was about "revenge" of sorts for not being on the FSU recruiting radar. I heard from several players that said this was the biggest game of their lives, because they wanted to prove to FSU, and the ACC that they can not only play on this level, but beat them too.

No doubt, the headlines today, and reactions from the FSU fans will be all about the struggles of FSU, and how bad they are, with little mention of the team that actually beat them in Wake Forest. Honestly, I could not care less about that. Sure everybody wants their team to have respect from the teams that they play, but if no respect means the Deacs are going to come out with a chip on their shoulder and beat "superior" teams like the Florida State's and Virginia Tech's of the world, then so be it.

This win was a complete team effort. The defense made stops when they had to, and forced turnovers when they really had to. The offense struggled at times against a very stout FSU defense, but the "trickery" once again reared its head on a Michael Campanaro to TD pass for the TD. It may be "trickery", but to beat it, all a defense has to is stay at home. Against an undisciplined defense, it will work wonders. For all the times FSU stopped us yesterday on the reverse runs, they committed to it too much, and that split second was all Davis needed to get wide open in the end zone.

Tanner Price and Chris Givens were magnificent once again, and they both showed why they could have played for "better" teams coming out of high school. I for one am pretty happy that they chose Wake Forest over any other school.

As I stated in the TN game preview, I thought the game would be close in the 4th quarter, but we would need a big play on defense to really have a chance to win the game. Bud Noel and Josh Bush certainly proved that with 4th quarter interceptions on E.J Manuel. It was ridiculed that Wake Forest could score even 27 points on Florida State, and several noted that even the FSU 2nd stringers should not allow more than 10-20 points against "Wake Forest".

As good as Wake looked at times, there were certainly some things that have to be improved if we want to continue our four game winning streak though. The special teams continues to be a big issue (blocked field goal, short kickoffs, poor coverage on the kickoffs), and that has to get better sooner than later. Tackling at the LOS was better yesterday, but the first line of defenders that are getting hands on the guy with the ball absolutely have to bring them down. 

FInally, as Bud Noel said last week after the BC game...."Black is Back!" The Deacs sit at 4-1, riding the longest win streak in 4 years, and just knocked off a very good FSU team (I will hear that they are not good, but they are certainly a top 25 team). The possibilities out there right now are endless, but the players have to remember what got them to this point, and not fall in to the trap of thinking they are better than they really are. Cherish this win today, but get back out there at practice tomorrow and work hard to prepare for Saturday.

I'm damn proud of this team so far. Keep it up. Go Deacs!!!