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Deacon Dump 10.7.11

Got a ton of stuff for y'all today, so I'm going to put them all after the jump to keep the front page cluttered.

Make sure everybody remembers that in addition to the big game vs. FSU tomorrow, Black and Gold Madness will take place at Reynolds Gym at 6. Tim Duncan, Chris Paul, Josh Howard, Randolph Childress, Ish Smith, Jeff Teague, Al-Farouq Aminu, Craig Dawson, Antwan Scott, L.D. Williams, and Rusty LaRue are all expected back for the Alumni Game. There are a few recruits coming to this one, including Anton Gill ('13), and Aaron Rountree ('12, committed to WFU).

Tomorrow should be an absolutely HUGE day for Wake Forest athletics, and should focus on the past, present, and future of our program. I'm very excited, and hope to see you all out there.

Links are after the jump. Enjoy!


This one is personal |
There are other teams that senior Kyle Wilber has faced at Wake Forest that he doesn't much care for, but none has displaced Florida State as the team he most wants to beat.


Wake Forest 'star' keeps opponents grounded | & The Charlotte Observer Newspaper
Wake Forest's women's soccer team has allowed six goals in 13 games. That's why Deacons coach Tony da Luz calls his entire defense the team's "star." "As a unit, that's what it's been: It's been our star," said da Luz, whose team (11-1-1, 4-0-1 ACC) is ranked sixth by Soccer America magazine.


'Wake Florida' has plenty to prove to No. 23 FSU - Sports Breaking News -
Not many teams based outside of Florida have plucked more recruits from that state than Wake Forest. All those Floridians on the roster want nothing more than to show Florida State's coaches what they missed. The 23rd-ranked Seminoles hope their first victory in nearly a month comes Saturday when they visit a program once nicknamed "Wake Florida" because it regularly scours that state in search of players. "You know Florida State's a perennial power who plays for the ACC championship consistently. You have to go through them to get where you want to be," said Wake Forest safety Daniel Mack, a Miami native who's one of 30 Floridians on the team. Among non-Florida schools, only Troy and Western Kentucky have more.


ACC injury reports: Week 6 - ACC Blog - ESPN
FLORIDA STATE OUT Willie Haulstead (head) Henry Orelus (head) Josh Gehres (knee) Darious Cummings (hand) Jarred Haggins (hand) QUESTIONABLE Nick Moody (leg) Garrett Faircloth (head) Andrew Datko (shoulder)

Florida State Seminoles Wake Forest: Florida State offense looks to brace for Wake Forest blitzes -

In addition to searching for ways to develop its running game and discovering methods of getting playmakers in space, Florida State's offense will be forced to look into one more important thing Saturday afternoon when it takes on Wake Forest. Each of the Seminoles will have to pay attention to the Demon Deacons' constant blitzing pressure.

Wake Forest receiver Givens gives foes fits | forest, winston, givens - Catching on - Burlington Times News

Several times the past couple of months Wake Forest coach Jim Grobe stopped well short of giving junior receiver Chris Givens a full endorsement. Yet across the first few weeks of the season, Givens kept doing more and more to move into the good graces of his coach.

Blogger So Dear - For Wake Forest Demon Deacons Fans

Bud and the guys at Tomahawk Nation are some of the best college bloggers out there. They consistently bring the heat when it comes to pointed opinion, analysis, crunching the numbers and game film and staying on top of breaking news. That's why whenever we play FSU in football or basketball, we get excited because we know a Q&A is on tap, and that we'll definitely get some good info out of it. This week is no exception.

Opponent Blogger Q&A: Blogger So Dear - Tomahawk Nation

We are very fortunate to have an excellent network of team-specific blogs to talk with during game weeks. This week's edition of our 2011 Opposing Blogger Q&A feature is a chat with our friends from Wake Forest at Blogger So Dear. Editor RAJohnston was kind enough to answer some questions about the Demon Deacons for us ahead of Saturday's game. 

Florida State Seminoles @ Wake Forest Demon Deacons Preview - Tomahawk Nation

Jim Grobe promised that this year's team would be much better, and so far, he's been correct. Wake has been much, much better than they were last season, and way better than anyone projected them to be this year. Improvement has come on both sides of the ball. Wake had a 92nd-rated offense last season. This one is considerably better.  The Demon Deacons run a spread attack with a lot of speed. 

My Take on Wake - Rolling, Rolling, Rolling |

I asked coach Grobe at yesterday’s gathering to eat chicken and talk football if the increasing depth would be important this Saturday against the deep and talented Seminoles. "It makes it really important the rest of the season really, not just Florida State but all the way down the line,’’ Grobe said. "Because typically a lot of your injuries come from tired players, so if you can keep your guys fresh without taking a big step back talent-wise, that’s your biggest problem. If you’re just trying too give a blow to a guy and you’re taking a big step back talent-wise, you just can’t do it. You’ve got to keep your best player on the field.

My Take on Wake - Fanaticism’s Double-Edge Sword |

"But the thing for us is for the young guys to play emotionally at a high level but to think while they’re doing it. You, typically in big games with a lot of energy out there, have a tendency to make more mental mistakes. So that will be an interesting thing for our players, to find out how they’ll handle it, a game that they’ll be jacked up and ready to play and can they kind of take their brain out there with them.