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Roll Tide Roll! Alabama new No. 1 after dismantling Florida.

A new week means a new BlogPoll from Blogger So Dear and the rest of SBNation. We all know what happened in Chestnut Hill this weekend (and no I am not going to rank Wake Forest, although a team from NC is occupying the 25th spot this week)!

  • Alabama absolutely destroyed Florida on Saturday night to leap frog LSU to the #1 spot in our BlogPoll. We didn't penalize UF much because of the Brantley injury. Trent Richardson is an absolute MAN-CHILD!!!
  • Oklahoma got off to a slow start against Ball State in the 1st quarter, but rolled after that. They maintain their #3 spot this week.
  • Wiscy and Russell Wilson looked dominant against Nebraska this week, and they are rewarded by moving up to the #4 spot in the country.
  • Clemson and GT are the pride of the ACC right now, and they both moved up big because of their wins, as well as teams in front of them falling.
  • Texas and Michigan both got wins this weekend, but were also beneficiaries of teams in front of them losing. Time will tell if they deserve this ranking.
  • Arkansas got the win this weekend, but were not very impressive at all in the 1st half. Hard to tell what to make of them . It will certainly sort itself out in the SEC.
  • We have Michigan State higher than most will have them. They lost to ND this year, but took care of tOSU this past weekend. Next 3 games: Michigan, Wisconsin, @ Nebraska. Their judgment day is near.
  • Nebraska, USC(e), VT, and Texas A&M all paid for their losses with double digit drops in the poll.
  • Finall, UNC-(Ch) enters the polls at 25. I hate them, but they have been pretty impressive this year. Their 7 point loss to GT is looking better and better by the day.

Any comments are greatly appreciated before we send this in tomorrow! Have at it fellas!