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Updating Chris Givens yearlong assault on the WFU record book

On October 3rd, I examined Chris Givens stats and projected out his numbers for the rest of the season if he kept his current pace of receiving up. Here is a look at those projected numbers:

I do not believe that Givens can keep up his pace so far (27 receptions for 498 yards and 4 TD's), but let's play along and see what that would work out to: 81 receptions, 1,494 yards, and 12 touchdowns. Those numbers are astonishing, but I doubt he can maintain that pace as we hit the meat of our schedule. I don't think it would be out of the question that he could get around 70-75 receptions, and if he can keep up his pace of 14 yards per reception (which he accomplished his first two seasons), calculating his yards at 70 receptions (14*43), would give him 602 yards, which added to 498 equals 1,100 yards for the year. I believe he will get around 10 receiving TDs to accompany the catches as well.

This was before the FSU, VT, and Duke games. In those three games did the following

  • Vs. FSU- 6 catches, 101 yds (16.83 ypc), 1 TD
  • Vs. VT- 7 catches, 140 yds (20 ypc), 1 TD
  • @ Duke- 6 catches, 147 yds (24.50 ypc), 2 TDs
That breaks down for a three game average of 6.3 catches, 129 ypg (20.42 ypc), and 1.25 TD's per game. Overall, that is 19 catches for 388 yards and 4 touchdowns in three games. 

Simply incredible and needless to say, Givens has actually picked up his pace. So what kind of numbers are we looking at now???

Click through the link to see what Givens projects now, and how it compared up against the first breakdown done three weeks ago.

On the year, Chris Givens has 46 catches for 886 yards (19.26 ypc), and 8 touchdowns over 7 games. That breaks down to the following per game: 6.57 catches, 126.6 yards, and 1.14 TD's.

If you extrapolate these numbers over the rest of the year (the final regular season 5 games, and I am going to ahead and assume that we will make a bowl...please don't hurt me), you come up with the finest season in Wake Forest receiving history:

  • 39.42 more catches+ 46= 85 catches
  • 759.6 more yards+886= 1646 yards
  • 6.84 more touchdowns+8= 15 touchdowns

These are simply astonishing numbers considering the history of Wake Forest receiving, and he would break the single season receiving record 1,053 yards (which he could do this weekend in Chapel Hill if he goes off) by nearly 600 yards. 

The single season receiving touchdown record is 12, and Givens needs just 4 more to break that record. Unless if he kicks his game into a completely different level, he will likely not catch the single season yards per catch record of 19.9, but who knows at this juncture.

If Givens does in fact keep up this pace, he would set the career Wake Forest TD record in just three years, and would be just 150 yards away from the career all-time receiving yards record (2949).

There are several more records that Chris could break both this year, and in his career, but I am sure that all he wants to do is win. I just wanted to make everybody aware of the unreal year that he is having this year.

While the actual numbers that Chris puts up this year will likely not be quite as high as the pace he is on now, I would not count anything out, and he is still going to set several single-season school records. He has already won ACC Receiver of the Week 3 times, and as all but locked up a spot on the 1st Team All-ACC squad alongside Sammy Watkins of Clemson (which he could cement this weekend with a good game by him and a mediocre game by UNC's Dwight Jones). 

Kudos to not only you Chris, but the entire offense as a whole (including the coaching staff) for putting on a heckuva year so far. Keep your eye on the prize, and get out there and whoop up on the Tar Heels in Kenan this weekend. The numbers will take care of themselves from there, I promise!


Just as a note, here are the final 5 regular season teams, what they allow in the air per game, and their pass defense ranking in the country:


  • UNC- 263.4 (101st)
  • ND- 225.4 (59th)
  • Clemson- 208.6 (40th)
  • Maryland- 226.9 (65th)
  • Vanderbilt- 191.3 (27th)