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Wake Forest vs. Notre Dame game-time "set" for 7:00 on ESPN2



One of the biggest regular season games in Wake Forest history will take on an even bigger stage, as the game as been selected by the ESPN/ABC networks for the November 5th showcase in Winston-Salem. The game is currently set for a 7:00 kickoff on ESPN2, but there is an option for it to be bumped "up" to an 8:00 kickoff on ESPN2, or possibly even ABC.

The circumstances surrounding why the change may occur are not presently known, but I will update this article as more facts flow in. 

Currently the Deacs sit at 5-2 overall, and the Fighting Irish are at 4-3. ND is @ Navy this weekend, and Wake travels to Chapel Hill to take on UNC. A win by both would certainly give the game more credibility, but there are likely other games that the network execs are looking at that may move our game to 8:00.