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Inside The Numbers With Bart



Because Will Graves Ate Parts I and II

I can't shut up. So I figured I'd help everyone out and contain myself -- to a weekly column. Here you'll find everything from rants on offensive playcalling to gushing tributes to Deacs of old. 

I'm Bart, and these are my thoughts.

September 2nd at 6:30 P.M: The Wake Forest-Presbyterian game begins, thus kicking off another season of college football across the nation

September 2nd at 6:33 P.M: Ted Stachitas tucks the ball under and barrels into the end zone for a 34 yard touchdown run thrusting him into first place in the Heisman race.

September 2nd at 11:21 P.M.: Southern Cal's Matt Barkley comes on to the field for the first time, thus ending Ted Stachitas' reign as the top Heisman candidate. 

21-0: The score to the Wake Forest-Presbyterian game when Presbyterian recorded their first, first down midway through the second quarter.

0-0: The score to the Wake Forest-Presbyterian game when everyone in attendance realized the game was over, after Devon Brown took back the opening kickoff untouched, only to have it called back for an illegal block in the back. 

53: The number of points Wake scored against Presbyterian, the most points Wake has scored in a home game in 59 years. 

50: The number of times Wake rushed the ball

20: The number of times after Wake ran the ball that I yelled "Run a real offense!"

8.3: Yards per carry for the Wake offense, ranking third in the nation behind Clemson and Nebraska.

.2: Yards per carry for the Miami (OH.) offense against Florida on Saturday, ranking last in the nation.

762: The number of rushing yards the Duke offense gained last year, ranking last in the nation. 

6.0: Yards per carry the Duke defense gave up last week against Elon in a 41-27 win. 

5.0: The number of people who actually watched Duke beat Elon 41-27 last week. 

Ten Things I Think I Know:

10: The number of times in a row Wake Forest has beaten Duke in football. Duke's last win in the series came in 1999 when they beat the Deacs 48-35.

9. The number of yards per pass the Duke offense averaged last week against Elon. Sophomore QB Sean Renfree went 31-39 with 2 TD's and 0 INT's.

8. The number of carries Wake RB Josh Adams had against Presbyterian last week. Adams had 8 rushes for 43 yards and a touchdown. For the Deacs to have an established running game, Adams will need to keep up his YPC average as his touches increase.

7. The number of solo tackles made by S Cyhl Quarles last week against Presbyterian, leading the Deacons in tackles. 

6. The number of rushing touchdowns Wake recorded in the trouncing of the Blue Hose. Each of the running backs recorded at least one, as well as flex receiver Devon Brown, and quarterback Ted Stachitas.

5. The number of punts on the evening for Shane Popham. Popham punted five times for an average of 40.2 yards a punt. He also pinned Presby inside the 20 two times.

4. The number of quarterbacks the Deacons played on Thursday, including true freshman Tanner Price. When Price started the second half, replacing Stachitas, he became the first true freshman quarterback to play at Wake Forest under Jim Grobe.

3. The number of sacks DE Kyle Wilber had, to go along with 8 tackles. Wilber is going to be a STUD this year for the Wake defense

2. The number of quarterbacks coach Jim Grobe said he would definitely play against Duke on Saturday. Stachitas is slated to get the start, but Price will almost certainly see snaps at some point during the game.

1. The number top play which Wake was "featured" in on Sportscenter, when Presbyterian skipped a backwards pass to their wide receiver off the ground who promptly bombed a ball downfield for Presbyterian's first touchdown of the game. Well at least we made it on Sportscenter.

38-34 Wake Forest: My prediction for Saturday's game against Duke. I don't believe that either defense is going to have any great success and that the shootout we witnessed last Thanksgiving weekend in Durham will continue this week.