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5 Reasons why Wake Forest will beat F$U


So sad to see Bobby replaced by Jumbo Shrimp Fisherman

After reading all the message boards on SB Nation, independent Wake Forest message boards, and FSU message boards I have a profound confusion as to what exactly people are thinking.

The reason I am befuddled is obvious: nobody anywhere thinks Wake Forest can beat FSU tomorrow. I don't think anybody stayed up and watched the great display of defense and offense on Saturday night in California. If you did and still think that this Wake Forest team cannot stick with the Seminoles I don't know what to tell you.

Without further ado, here are my Top 5 reasons as to why the HAIRY DEACS!!!111 will move to 2-0 in the ACC and in prime position to go to the ACCCG later this year after the jump!

1. Christian Ponder may not even play for the Seminoles tomorrow. I don't know what Jumbo Shrimp Fisherman is thinking with this move. His two biggest games of the year are tomorrow against Wake Forest and then a HUGE matchup with the Virginia Cavaliers next weekend. That is followed up with an easy game against the Canes, with whom they never play close games. If Ponder can't play then that means EJ Manuel will have to step in. I don't remember exactly, but pretty sure he was a walk-on 1 star that couldn't get any offers from anywhere else. He has no game experience (certainly not against the talent level he will be facing in Wake Forest, or even last year against us), and has never led the 'Noles to a single victory in Ponder's absence. Playing Manuel against Wake's stellar secondary would almost GUARANTEE Wake Forest a blowout victory tomorrow.

2. FSU has absolutely no rush defense. With an over matched defensive line (both talent and size-wise) against the hog mollies up front for our Deacs, Price should have all day to throw the ball. This will be great for our sub-par receiving corps because we all know that our WR's are the worst facet of our team and the only roadblock in our Orange Bowl aspirations so far. The stats will definitely back me up here, there is no way that FSU ranks in the top 119 in team sacks on the year. At most they have 1, I'm sure of it.

3. Wake Forest has absolutely dominated FSU in Tallahassee historically. I'm not going to go look up the stats right now, but I can't remember the last time FSU beat us in Doak Campbell. It would have to be before the 1990's for sure because I know they have never beaten us while they are in the ACC. Nothing says ass-whooping like 12-3 in '08. CONQUERED!!!11111ONEONEONE


4. Wake Forest's defense is among the best in the nation. Last week was obviously a statistical anomaly. The offense didn't play very well in the first two weeks, only managing to accumulate a paltry 107 points against Presbyterian and Duke. Against those teams, Wake Forest should never score under 75 points, it's embarrassing to think about. What a great move by Grobe to see what his offense was really made of by allowing his defense to just give Stanford 8 touchdowns on their first 8 possessions. I think it was blatantly obvious in our defensive schemes on Saturday that we were just laying down and playing possum. Y'all don't really think Luck could outrun our entire secondary do you? I mean look at the video, I can point out a flaw in every single player on defense, but there's no need really.



5. Wake Forest is known around college football for having the best fans in the world. They will travel anywhere, are the rowdiest, and tailgate for hours before the game. Take a look at this picture for proof...


My point here is pretty clear: FSU will have little to no home-field advantage. When Wake Forest goes on the road, it brings home with them. I would venture to guess that it will be at least a 2:1 fan ratio in favor of the HAIRY DEACS!

Also, the FSU football team has to deal with distractions like this from the home crowd:


That pretty much wraps up my feelings for the game tomorrow. If I had to make a prediction I would say:

Wake Forest- 68

FSU- 3

The FG will be on a 65 yarder as time expires to save Jumbo Shrimperfisherman job leading up to the big UVA game next weekend. Grobe should, and will tear the defense apart for allowing the 'Noles to even cross into Wake Forest territory. He may even make them roll around the field, which seems to be a popular punishment as of late (if you are in the dark just google UNC-W women's basketball coach firing and you will get the drift).

Go Deacs!!!