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Inside the Numbers with Bart



Because Jim Harbaugh whined about the start time of the first two parts

Wake won last week and we're all thrilled around these parts. Now we're set to travel across the country to play a real team and hopefully can avoid a total embarrassment in Palo Alto. 

Let's be honest, if we can't beat Stanford in an athletic event what can we beat them in?

I'm Bart, and these are my thoughts. 

0: The number of mascots more idiotic in the nation than this guy...


2730: The number of miles from the Wake Forest University campus to the Stanford University campus

2729: The number of miles I'd be willing to drive to see Wake play football, sorry guys just missed the cut off.

2: The number of teams in the nation averaging more points a game than Wake Forest's, 53.5.

102: The number of points Wake and Duke combined for last week, the second most points scored in ACC history.

8: The number of touchdowns Wake Forest scored last week, the most-ever by Wake at BB&T Field. 

7: The number of times either defense actually made a worth-while play.

6: The number of times Alex Frye, Tristan Dorty, or Joey Ehrmann was the one making that play.

5 The number of years Wake has started 2-0 under head coach Jim Grobe. 

0: The number of losses Wake has all-time against the Pac-10 

461.8: Marshall Williams' career passing efficiency rating. Williams is 4-for-4 with 131 yards and one touchdown in his career.

100%: The touch-to-touchdown percentage of Marshall Williams against Duke. Williams caught two passes for two touchdowns, and threw for another.

142.8: The average IQ of the scholarship players on Wake Forest and Stanford's football teams.

7: The number of passes Georgia Tech has completed in their first two games of the year, last in the NCAA.

1: The difference in the number of passes the three service academies have attempted this year versus the number of completions Duke has (60 vs. 59).

14: The number of field goals in a row that opposing teams have made against Wake Forest, dating back to last year.

235: The weight of Stanford starting QB Andrew Luck

185.16: Luck's QB rating through two games, in which he has thrown for six touchdowns and no interceptions. 

186: The number of times Jim Harbaugh has complained about last year's 24-17 Wake Forest victory over Stanford. 

8:15 PST: The latest kickoff in Stanford history.

9: The number of teams besides Wake Forest who are yet to allow a sack on the season. 

322: The number of rushing yards Wake has averaged through two games

4.5: The number of points Colorado State's offense is averaging through two games this year. This news is not great considering they've played only played powerhouses Nevada and Colorado. On second thought Colorado if you give us your starting defense, we'll give you your basketball coach back.

45-17 Stanford: My prediction for this weekend's game. You can call me negative or pessimistic all you want, but we're playing a top 20 team on the road. Andrew Luck is the real deal and as far as I can tell, our secondary can't stop the intramural champions from getting to the end zone. It doesn't help either that we're traveling across three time zones and kicking off at 11:15 ET. The only good news about the late kickoff is Old Man Sloan can to go bed on time and still be up for kickoff.