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Notre Dame to play Wake Forest at Groves Stadium in 2011

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Buy your season tickets Deacon fans, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish are heading to Winston-Salem next November.

Blogger So Dear has confirmed that Notre Dame will play at Wake Forest on November 5th, 2011.

This will easily be one of the biggest games at Groves Stadium, as well as Wake Forest history. It is very rare that Notre Dame brokers a deal to play any road game outside of their traditional rivals. Once again, Wake Forest fans should thank Ron Wellman, as well as Nathan Hatch (and his Notre Dame ties) for getting this showdown in Winston-Salem, as well as South Bend in 2012.

The home schedule for Wake Forest next year is also extremely impressive. The Deacons welcome: Notre Dame, Virginia Tech, Florida State, NC State, Maryland, Vanderbilt and Air Force. For a team that will likely have ACC championship game aspirations, this is a hefty schedule, especially for LOWF.