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Demon Deacons Confidence Poll

So there's a new little feature on BSD that we're kind of excited about. You may have noticed that little guy underneath our creepy logo--that's the new SB Nation Confidence Poll. You're probably asking yourself...what is that freaking thing? Well, I'll tell you.

Every week, you can vote from 0-100 on your confidence about the Demon Deacons. It's football season this week, so it is a perfect time to kick this off. How do you feel about the Wake football team? Shaky about our new QB, vote low. Excited about the prospects of the season and how the young guys will do, vote high.

The cool thing is that over time, we'll be able to chart confidence over the course of the season. And if I know us Wake fans, it'll be fun to see how chicken little or sunshine we really are and have it "documented." So test it out, slide the bar, click vote, and see the results on September 1 for this week, just in time for the Presby game.