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Where I Come From: Memorable Moments

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There are a lot to choose from--those moments that make me look back and say, "man I was glad to witness this, I'll never forget it." I'm sure we all have our favorites; many of them the same, but others that resonated more than others. But I'll try to narrow it down to six for now and go with that. So, without further adieu, here they are...

Find my favorite moments after the jump and share yours in the comments.


6.) Beating Duke in 2008 at the Joel: James Johnson and Jeff Teague's freshman year, with LD and Ish as sophomores--this game was really special. Wake was on a bit of a roll and I distinctly remember writing an article wondering if the Deacs were bubble-worthy after the win. They shocked the Blue Devils and the fans were spectacular. I had the front page of the Winston-Salem Journal hanging on my wall for over a year. 

5.) The wins over Duke and UNC at home in 2009: I put these two together because they were so close and part of a wild ride that included an amazing win at Clemson that I was lucky to witness (as well as Chas  McFarland being thrown down by a fan). That play with James Johnson dropping it into the hoop against Duke will stand out for years. And beating Carolina. And getting that #1 ranking for even that short amount of time. Worth it.

4.) Beating Florida State 30-0 in Tallahassee: Just awesome. When Chip Vaughn revealed the CONQUERED shirt. It was just filled with so much swagger from a really special team. Then we beat them again the next year. But this victory, man it was sweet.

3.) Ish FOR THE WIN: The NCAA Tournament is where legends are born. And although Wake fell fast in the 2009-10 season, bowing out of the ACC Tournament in the first round again, with a lot of disappointments after a great start to the year in the heart of the ACC season, with the announcement that the Deacs were in fact Tournament-bound, there was new life. Against Texas nonetheless.

And it was a battle. One that after, had us all captivated. With seemingly no chance, Texas choked at the line. And Ish went down the court in a blur and did what he so often did in his 4 years at Wake, he buried a shot. We collapsed in a pile (and I say we because I know so many of us did) and were chanting WAKE....FOREST well into the night. Just amazing and a great moment for a well-loved Deac.

2.) The 2006 ACC Championship Game: What needs to be said here? The rain, the grind-it-out mentality, the just...dreamlike quality of it all. I'll never forget it.

1.) "The Shot" in the 1995 ACC Championship: Randolph Childress. Beast. Onions.