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Where I Come From: All-time favorite Wake Forest football team

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You know how it is. You have a team that sticks with you, a team that you'll look back 20-30 years from now and say, "that was my favorite team. I'll never forget them." For some it's a successful team, or one that they grew up with where that season stood out, or the first year you really got into a team.

For me it's the Cavs finals team--just the way that team went from nothing to something with a rag-tag bunch of nobodys. Or any number of Cubs teams with Mark Grace. Or heck, those fun Seattle Supersonics teams with Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp.


But when I think about my favorite Wake Forest team, it's really no contest. It's the 2006 ACC Champion Demon Deacon football team.

Read on after the jump, and share your favorite teams in the comments...

I'll never forget them. The group that went from underdog status to legends. And there's something about being there and being a part of it that will keep those guys in my heart. I hung out with some of those guys, I interviewed them, I saw them on the quad and in the Pit. We felt like a part of that team.

A freshman quarterback, a hard-nosed defense, a spectacular kicker and all kinds of crazy breaks. I'll be honest, looking back, there is no reason that this team should have made the ACC Championship on paper. But an end-game interception, a booted 50 yard FG, a TD run and we were there. It was the magic of that season.

Aside from the plain truth that this was the most successful season in Wake Forest football history, there was more to why that team will be my favorite Wake team--the experience. Tailgating, cheering with my friends--and the memory of my trip to Jacksonville to cover my first huge sporting event. After leaving at 4:30 and using cups of coffee and Bojangles to keep myself awake, I got to the hotel for media day, listened and talked to Coach Grobe and just soaked up everything around me.

And being in the press box when the final whistle sounded knowing that Wake was the ACC took a long time to soak in. Sure, I was sad I missed rolling the quad, but there is no replacement for just being there. It wasn't the prettiest day. It wasn't the prettiest game. But it happened.

Then the Orange Bowl. I don't know if there has been any time where so many members of the Wake family were together in one place. Parties, tailgating, events, New Year's. It was amazing. Despite the loss, the team fought hard and left it all out there. They gave it all they had that season. And even if Wake wins 10 more ACC Championships in my lifetime in football, that team will always be my favorite Wake team.