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Deacon Dump 4/9: Dan Collins weighs in, Tony Chennault weighing it all

I'm getting the links up early today because I want to make sure I have the day free to keep everyone updated throughout the day. There's a lot of speculation and rumors, but no concrete news, but we owe it to you to give you everything we are able to dig up. As always, if you have tips, story ideas or just any questions, feel free to email me (address is in the masthead at the bottom of the site), or leave them in the comments.

The Masters: Haas struggles then saves first round
"There were some times I wish my dad could hit a shot for me or my uncle Bob could hit a shot for me, but once I’m out there I didn’t really think about past shots they’d hit," Haas said. "Once I teed it off, it was all on me." Haas eventually did the family proud, reverting to the level of golf that helped him turn at 1 under to finish with an opening even-par 72 that has him in a 13-way tie for 32nd.

My Take on Wake - The Proof in the Pudding: Who Does Ron Get? |
For the record, Dino Gaudio has always treated me right. I have a call into him now that he has yet to return, which I can understand. These are emotional times for these coaches and their families. But I want to wish him well, and hope to get the chance to. On the Move: Ghee Could Be Target at Corner
Wake Forest's Brandon Ghee, a second-round prospect, goes one-on-one with Packer Report publisher Bill Huber in our latest draft exclusive. We tell the story of the tall and athletic cornerback who could add necessary talent to the Packers' secondary.

Butler's Brad Stevens shouldn't jump at first bigger job offer - Michael Rosenberg -
Now that Brad Stevens has done the near-impossible, leading Butler to the national title game, let's see if he can perform the hardest task in his profession: Nothing. That's it. Nothing. Just sit there at your desk, Coach, and don't watch film

My Take on Wake - Dino Had His Days |
There were three mornings when Gaudio, in the words of fight manager Joe Jacobs, should have stood in bed. The dates were March 13, 2009 (75-64 loss to Maryland in the ACC Tournament), March 20, 2009 (84-69 loss to Cleveland State in the NCAA Tournament) and March 11, 2010 (83-62 loss to Miami in the ACC Tournament). If he’d lost only one of the three would he still be head coach at Wake today? Could be. How about if he won two of the three? You got to think so.

Basketball Coaching Website: Men's Basketball HoopScoop: Fran Franschilla, Dino Gaudio, Jim Baron, and Fran Dunphy are top candidates for Rutger's coaching position
The top candidates for Rutgers are former Boston College/Ohio State coach Jim O’Brien, former St. John’s coach and current ESPN analyst Fran Fraschilla, recently deposed Wake Forest coach Dino Gaudio, Rhode Island coach Jim Baron and Temple coach Fran Dunphy

The Downfall Of Dino Gaudio | Online Basketball Betting
The issue that drew the ire of Wake fans was the embarassing losses in the postseason and remembering what happened with Tommy Bowden at Clemson, who forgot to coach in the month of November, Gaudio simply forgot that basketball ended in March.

Starting Five: Draft developments and more - Mike DeCourcy - College Basketball - Sporting News
4. What do you make of Wake Forest's firing of Dino Gaudio? DeCourcy: For those of us neither related to Gaudio nor charged with working for him or playing for him, the aspect of this decision that seems most compelling is how it destroys the party line espoused by college coaches: that expanding the NCAA Tournament would be good for their job security.

AJC’s Mr. Georgia Basketball requests Clemson release, interested in Georgia Tech and UGA | Prep Zone: High School Sports
Georgia Tech and UGA are among the schools at the top of the wishlist for the AJC’s Mr. Georgia Basketball, Westlake’s Marcus Thornton, who officially requested his release from his Clemson letter-of-intent on Thursday.

Chennault reconsidering college choice, coach says | Philadelphia Inquirer | 04/08/2010
"He is going to wait and see what happens," Neumann-Goretti coach Carl Arrigale said Thursday. "He is going to wait and see who the next coach is going to be."

Coaching search may take time
Battle said their reaction was expected. "They were all pretty much still in shock," Battle said. "They were going to sit back and process things. I'm going to touch base again with everybody and see where everybody's at. But I think for the most part they want to see what direction Mr. Wellman is going to go in."

Gaudio ranks among best of the ACC's departed - Wake Forest -
Dino Gaudio's unceremonious exit from Wake Forest on Wednesday left him in a unique group of former ACC coaches. Since 1986, 16 coaches have either been fired or forced out. Gaudio tops the dubious group in ACC winning percentage (.562) and ranks second in overall winning percentage (.663). It should be noted, Gaudio's tenure was the shortest of the group, tied with North Carolina's Matt Doherty and Maryland's Bob Wade at just three seasons.

David Glenn Chats With Wake AD Ron Wellman David Glenn
Among the topics they discussed: why Gaudio was fired after just three seasons at Wake; what things Wellman looked into beyond just the win-loss record when evaluating Gaudio; how Wellman would describe a "good fit" for Wake Forest; and whether Wellman can gauge, before making any contact, a candidate’s interest level in the Wake job.