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Deacon Dump 4/8: With Dino out, what is next?

We're going to try and put our heads together to try and make as much sense of this as we can. Obviously, this was a possible outcome, but I think most of us are still scratching our head at the timing. Ron Wellman must have had a name squarely on his mind, or he and Dino got into a pretty big logistical argument. I'm inclined to believe the former. Regardless, the web is buzzing with speculation on the new head coach and the fallout, so there's plenty to read up on.

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Wake Forest. With today’s firing of Dino Gaudio after three seasons and two NCAA trips, it’s clear that Demon Deacon AD Ron Wellman has bigger things in mind. The school has a small but passionate fanbase that would hire the Easter Bunny if they thought he could beat Duke and Carolina on a regular basis. Wake has money to spend, but there’s no bottomless pot of (black and) gold of which Wellman can draw from like Oregon. Still, the ACC is still the most prestigious basketball league in America, and Wake is a prime situation for the right coach.

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Before We list some Demon Deacons candidates, I’m going to get on a soap box for Dino Gaudio: * 19-17, 24-7, 20-11 X’s and O’s aside, enough said. Now some possible names:

My Take on Wake - Gaudio Gone |
I’ll say this about Ron Wellman. When he makes up his mind, he moves on it.

Wake Forest recruits 'shocked' by Dino Gaudio's firing - The Dagger - NCAAB Blog - Yahoo! Sports
"We’re going to sit tight and figure out what our options are," Andrew Desrosiers said. "The coaching staff at Wake Forest was very impressive to us, but we also liked the campus and the players especially. Two parts of that equation still exist."

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However, the speedy wide receiver is in town to look another college, Georgia Tech. The Yellow Jackets are one of his seven offers, including Kentucky and Wake Forest.

High Point University - Wake Forest rallies past HPU in the eighth inning
Wake Forest rallied past the High Point University baseball team in the eighth inning, scoring two runs to beat the Panthers 8-7 Wednesday night at the Wake Forest Baseball Park. A wild pitch by Spencer Andrews (Broadway, N.C./Chatham Central ) allowed the winning run to score for the Demon Deacons who had tied the game with a pinch-hit double by Trenton Langston.

Taken by surprise: Deacons' Harris didn't see firing of Gaudio coming
"Coach Gaudio had a great relationship with the players," Harris said. "He's a real cool guy. He's a coach that really wants you to get better, will push you to get better. He always has your back. I love Coach Gaudio, and I wish the best for him." Harris had talked to Gaudio yesterday morning during individual workouts at Miller Center. "Everything was fine, just happy go lucky," Harris said. "He was joking around, just laughing and having fun. I'm sure he didn't know it was coming either."

Dino Gaudio's firing latest example of pressure on major conference coaches - Andy Glockner -
Wellman deserves credit for honesty and decisiveness when a lot of other programs would have settled for the status quo. What he didn't do, though, was guarantee Wake Forest's future is any better. - Blogs: High School Insider" Blog Archive " CARSON DECIDES TO WAIT IT OUT
According to Nault, Desrosiers is willing to heed that advice for the time being. "As of right now, Carson is sitting still," said Nault. "A lot of other schools who were in the hunt before have started calling Carson, but he’s not leaning in any direction. He is going to wait and see what happens."