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BSD Interviews F/C Carson Desrosiers


Carson Desrosiers has made a name for himself in the state of Massachusetts. The big fella, averaging 22 points, 11 rebounds and 7 blocks per game, dominated during his senior season and wasn't afraid to have a little fun either as evidenced by his incredible intros before home games. Blogger So Dear was able to talk to Carson for a few minutes yesterday and he gave his thoughts on what number he was going to wear, who his game compares to and just what was up with those intros.

BSD: How'd the season progress for you? I know you started off slow with the scoring, but you really came on at the end of the year.

Desrosiers: At the beginning of the year, I focused on doing whatever we needed to do to win. Our junior big man was scoring a lot of points, so I just would get him the ball, get assists and block shots. As the season progressed and we needed baskets, I started to take over.

BSD: Have you been talking to the guys at all?

Desrosiers: Through Facebook I've talked to everybody here and there. We've been texting and keeping in touch too. I'm excited to play with them.

BSD: Seriously, those intros were probably the coolest I've ever seen at a high school. How'd you guys come up with them?

Desrosiers: My friends and I had these ideas for about a year now, and finally we were seniors, so we ran with them towards the end of the season. They just kinda blew up. Everybody in Massachusetts was calling our athletic director asking ‘what's going on up there?'

I went bowling, I set off a bomb. In our last ever home game at our gym-a playoff game-it was the Olympics, so I went curling. My friends made a big curling target and I rolled the ball a little bit. But it was just great to have 2,500 people in a gym all going along with it.

BSD: Obviously Tony Woods has your number--55--locked up. Have you put any thought into what number you're going to wear at Wake?

Desrosiers: I already talked to Coach and I think I'm going to be 33. Obviously, I'm from Boston and Larry Bird wore 33, but I'm not making any comparisons. I love the double numbers and I wore 55 my whole career, so 33 is the next step.

BSD: Compare your game to an NBAer.

Desrosiers: If I had to compare myself to a popular player, it'd be a combination of Kevin Garnett and Kevin Durant. Garnett knows what he has to do to win defensively. Durant is 6'10", can put it on the floor and hit jumpers.

BSD: There's a poll up right now on for the All State team. I know we've done our best to skew the poll. Have you voted?

Desrosiers: I'm not going to lie, I voted for myself once or twice.

BSD: When are you heading down to Wake?

Desrosiers: I'm heading down in the end of June for the first summer sessions. I'll get down there and get situated. Then it's time to get to work.