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Deacon Dump 4/14: Turn the page

Yes, I'm still alive. No, I'm not quitting. Yes, I still have a lot to think about. But here we are. I'm sure I'll have more to say about this later, but I just don't even know if I want to say anything anymore. It is what it is. So we turn the page. We hope. We move on. People have given their take ad nauseum and now it is time to just let it all play out. Jeff Bzdelik is the head coach of the Demon Deacons. So here are some links about that and some other stuff.

ACC will go a little slower in 2011 - Beyond the Arc -
"Brad Brownell is an unbelievable coach," Butler coach Brad Stevens said after the announcement was made Tuesday. "He has been a winner everywhere he has been. I am happy to see Brad go to a great school and a great program like Clemson."

Jeff Bzdelik: Buddy hire or the next Coach K? – ACC Insider - Wilmington Star News - Wilmington, NC - Archive
Certainly, he must see something in Jeff Bzdelik that the rest of us don’t, just as Butters did with Krzyzewski three decades ago. I can’t wait to hear what it is, because on the surface it’s hard to imagine how the Deacons are going to be better off now than they were the past three seasons under their recently fired coach Dino Gaudio. The comparison, at least by the raw numbers, is absolutely staggering.

SLAM ONLINE | " Video: Marquis Teague Destroys at Boo Williams
Get ready for Marquis Teague Fatigue over the next year. Jeff’s brother is a bona fide top 5 player in the Class of 2011

All In a Day's Work: Dash president takes care of last-minute details
I need some coffee," he says, straightening his tie. Lassiter is tall -- 6 foot 6 -- with a wide smile and big hands. A former basketball player at Greensboro College and a native of Elkin, he likes to say he has spent most of his 33 years within the same 60-mile radius. He came to the Dash in January from Wake Forest University, where he was assistant athletics director in charge of marketing.

How Do You Gauge A Coaching Hire? Jim Young
Who’s right? None of them. Or maybe all of them. That’s the thing about coaching hires. In the vast majority of cases it’s impossible to immediately know whether a school has brought in the right guy for the job.

Soaring to Glory: Grading the ACC coaching hires
Taking a look at this poll from Blogger So Dear, you can see that 60% of fans at present do not think he would be a good fit for the Deacs. Of the three ACC schools who have hired coaches, this is probably the only fan base that is majority-dissatisfied with their hire. He's not a terrible coach, but replacing a 61-31 coach who pulled down some big recruits with an older, relatively unsuccessful college coach will be a hard sell. I'm not suggesting he will fail, but at first glance, Wake Forest could have done better. Grade: C-

Pennsylvania: Chennault still committed to Wake Forest - MaxPreps News
What’s important to remember is that Jeff Battle is one of Gaudio’s top assistants, and he was the one who did most of the recruiting for Tony. He’s been the interim coach. If Wake Forest retained Jeff, I think that would make Tony’s decision easier. Tony’s a strong kid with a good head on his shoulders. He loved Wake Forest. He loved going to a small university in a big conference and he was really looking forward to going there."