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BSD Interview: 2011 Point Guard Marquis Rankin


On Saturday at Dave Telep's Carolina Challenge, Blogger So Dear was fortunate enough to catch up with Marquis Rankin, one of the top point guards in the 2011 class. The reserved Rankin talked about his strengths and weaknesses, his favorite player, and his views on defense.

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Q: I noticed in your second game your jumper came on a bit more, more shots were falling, why do you think this was?

A:  It was the second game of the day and wasn’t 9:30 in the morning which definitely helped things out a lot.


Q: You’re obviously a great player which is why you’re here at the Challenge, what would you say the biggest strength of your game is?

A: Penetrating and finding my teammates out there.


Q: You seem to be a great on the ball defender and really challenge your man out there. Did your high school coach instill that in you?

A: Yeah, I like playing defense a lot. If you don’t play defense you can’t get on offense.


Q: As far as recruiting is going do you have any current interests? Have you narrowed it down?

A: Yes I’ve narrowed it down to several schools.


Q: Who’s your favorite player, or who do you mold your game after?

A: Carmelo Anthony


Q: If you had one area to improve your game in what would it be?

A: I’m working pretty hard on my ball-handling and working on my moves with the ball.