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New BSD Contributor

As one of the two new members of the writing staff of BSD, I thought I would introduce myself to the Wake Forest and BSD community. My name is Bart and I'm a sophomore at Mother So Dear. I'm originally from Winston and have lived here my whole life as a die hard Wake fan. I'd like to also thank Martin and Jake for adding me to the staff. Hopefully this will be the first of many informative stories!

Growing up in Winston-Salem, I have been close to the Wake Forest community for my entire life. I went to Mount Tabor High School and was subjected to the Tar Heel bandwagon public school experience for my entire four years there. If you're from North Carolina, then you know exactly what I'm talking about. Those kids who couldn't name two players on the UNC basketball team but were sure to let you know if they won the next day. On days following losses however, these visits were shockingly absent. Both my parents went to Wake for grad school and it was from them that I gained my love for MSD. 

Throughout my childhood I was fortunate enough to always have season tickets to home Wake basketball and football games. I've probably only missed three or four home football games my entire life. Needless to say the 2006 year was an amazing run for myself, and even more incredible for my dad who has had season tickets to Wake football games since 1970. Remarkably enough he has missed less home games in 40 years than I have in 20. 

While Wake football has always been a great experience it was inside the confines of the Joel Coliseum that I really learned to love and embrace Wake Forest athletics for all that they really were. Having lived through the Childress, Duncan, Howard, Paul, Teague/Johnson, and now Aminu eras I have been blessed to have seen hundreds of fantastic ACC basketball games. Wake football is a great time for me, but Wake basketball is a way of life. There is nothing better than the lights going down, the motorcycle rolling out, and the opening chords to "Welcome to the Jungle" start to be played over the PA system. 

As far as my contributions to BSD go, I hope to give a view from campus which Jake and Martin may not always be able to provide in the coming years. I played golf and ran track in high school and would love to shed some light on some of the non-revenue sports that Wake has to offer which are not always talked about on any other forums. At the beginning I will mostly cover topics from campus and perhaps provide a few interviews that BSD would otherwise not be able to cover, but hope to expand my topics to include many other aspects of Wake Forest as well.

Apologies for a rather lengthy first post, but I wanted to be sure to fully introduce myself to the Wake Forest and Blogger So Dear community. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer to the site!