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ACC Sunday Stats

Great win by the Deacs today. However, it counted as only one win in the standings (despite one announcer today saying a road win counted as two wins). Let's take our second look at a new feature here where I look around the ACC each Sunday for interesting and unique stats.

I know this has been touched on several times this past week but I think it needs to be emphasized. While the ACC may not have a team worthy of the Final Four (although I still think GT, playing to their full potential, could get there…if I ever get off their bandwagon this season remains to be seen), I think they have several sweet 16 teams. For all this talk of the conference being weak, it is actually quite the opposite. Let’s take a look at some interesting stats for the conference.


- They have the second best OOC record at 81.4%, second only to the Big 12.


- The ACC has 69 blowout wins (games decided by 19 plus points) and zero blowout losses in out of conference games.


- 12 of their 31 losses were decided by 6 points or less in out of conference games.


- The lowest rated RPI team, NC State at 106, is the highest rated team out of each conference’s lowest rated teams. The Big East is second with DePaul ranked at 139.


- The ACC is ranked #1 in the KenPom conference rankings.


So yes, the ACC is not strong at the top. I like to categorize the league this season as competitive. Do not be surprised if the ACC is in the top two leagues (or even the top) of conferences represented in the Sweet 16. I could see any of 6 teams winning two games in the tournament if given the right matchups.


Looking at the team stats, I am trying to figure out how UVA has succeeded so far this season in the ACC. Outside of Landesberg, they have little to offer on the offensive end. Looking at the four factors of winning with national ranking attached, they are not that impressive. 51% eFG% (91), 16.8% TO% (13), 32.2 Offensive rebound% (207) and FTA/FGA of 32.4% (291).


Obviously the stat that jumps out at you is the TO%. Tony Bennett’s teams know how to handle the ball. From 2006-2009 at WSU, his teams finished 206th, 6th, 9th and 83rd in turnover percentage. His teams just know how to pass crisply, play within themselves and play smart.


The other factor that I noticed was their 3 point shooting. They shoot 39.5% from distance, good for 20th in the nation. 27% of their points come from beyond the arc (3rd in the ACC) and everyone knows how quickly a team can get hot and stay in the game. However, relying on the three can be a negative as well. My hat continues to be tipped to Tony Bennett and the awesome coaching job he is doing in Charlottesville.


Some random interesting stats I found:


- C.J. Harris and Al-Farouq Aminu are both in the top 10 in FT point percentage at 34.3 and 28.6, respectively. Considering they shoot 84% and 69%, this bodes well for Wake down the stretch. As much as I would hate to rely on a freshman, with the struggles of Ish from the line, I would have no problem giving C.J. the ball late in a game to be fouled and ice a game.


- Does anyone else feel like Ari Stewart shoots a lot? Looking at his % of shots, he is tied for the team lead with 27.6% with Aminu. His eFG is 50.4%, so we don't mind if he keeps putting up those shots at the pace he does currently.


- Virginia Tech has the most amount of players fouled out, with 9 so far this season. This is helped by the fact that three players (Jeff Allen, JT Thompson and Malcolm Delaney) are in the top 10 in fouls per game in conference games, each over 3 per game. With teams shooting 71.7% from the line against the Hokies this season, it’s kind of surprising they sit at 5-3 in the ACC right now.


- One of the biggest reasons for UNC’s struggles this season? Turnovers: They currently average 16.6 per game (23.6%) and force only 12.4% per game.


That’s all for this week and there will be more to come each Sunday.