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Deacon Dump 2/3: Happy Signing Day!

We don't get gift-wrapped presents on signing day or a cake, but there are gifts nonetheless. Enjoy the day as the letters come in, and of course, BSD will be there to update you on any surprises and break down the class when it's all said and done. Lots of links to go through, so I'll just shut up and let you get to it. 

Deacs clamp down: Wake Forest's defense keeps Miami in check
"You know what, we did," Smith said. "I think we did toughen this one out. "We toughened it out, gutted it out. That's what you've got to do when you don't play well."


The art of war - The Cavalier Daily
When I first saw this principle of Bennett’s system, I was skeptical. I have never liked doubling the post with two big men. For one, it relies on the weak-side guard to make an immediate rotation down to the block to prevent a quick pass to the vacated offensive big man. And even if the weak-side guard gets there in time, it creates a matchup problem — both in keeping his man from getting the ball and in keeping him off the glass. It’s not exactly an easy job for sophomore guard Sammy Zeglinski to box out Wake Forest forward Al-Farouq Aminu, for example. But the fact is that this trap, for the most part, has worked. One of the biggest keys to the trap is that it comes hard — and with two big men making the trap, it is ensured to be long, such that it is difficult for the post player to make a clear pass out of it. For those who may be wondering why Will Sherrill receives so much playing time, this is one of the reasons — Sherrill is the best on the team at timing the trap and using the most out of his length to deny passing lanes.


Observations: Deacons Aminu posting impressive stats -
There was something missing at Joel Coliseum Tuesday night: The Deacons' pregame motorcycle introduction.


Fans' guide to national signing day-
What you'll see: The Deacons will provide a list of signees as they come, complete with bios on each player. A new feature on the site for signing day will have taped interviews with position coaches discussing each recruit as they are signed. Coach Jim Grobe's press conference can also be viewed live on the site at 4 p.m. Press conference: Grobe will discuss the new recruiting class during a press conference at 4 p.m. Fan fun: The Deacon Club will conduct its annual luncheon on Thursday in which Coach Jim Grobe will discuss the recruiting class with fans.


Jim Caldwell Reflects on His Years at Wake Forest -- NFL FanHouse
was 38 years old," Caldwell said. "It was my first opportunity in Division I football. ... It gave me an opportunity to come in and run my own program. It was maybe one of the greatest experiences of my life."

Boys basketball: No. 5 John Marshall 49, J.R. Tucker 46 | Richmond Times-Dispatch

John Marshall's leading Travis McKie, who averages 22.8 points per game, suffered an injury in the first quarter and did not return for the remainder of the game.

Zenevitch, Central run away from Andover -, North Andover, MA

Central pieced together a 24-8 quarter without a shot attempt from Wake Forest-bound Carson Desrosiers. How? Desrosiers owned the defensive glass, nabbing nearly every carom (23 boards total), kick-starting a break that continually found the southpaw Zenevitch in open space, on the left side. By the time he got up the floor, two more points were pretty much already on the board. Marshall Set To Sign

Oddly enough, Marshall and Noel did not meet at Wake, but instead at another school. "We met at the Tennessee camp," Marshall said. "We were both out there doing our thing talking junk. We were working hard and got to know each other. He had committed to FSU but told me WFU was in his heart. I just encouraged him to come on and then he visited Wake and knew that’s where he wanted to be."

My Take on Wake - It’s Unanimous: Ari Should Have Played More |

"Boy my assistants got into me after the game about Ari should have played more,‘’ Gaudio said. "And you know what? He should have. I’m not perfect. "When one of them jumps me, usually I’ll fight them—argue with them I should say. But it was like four on one. They were like standing there, and I’m `All right, all right, OK, I’m wrong.‘ "You know what? He should have played more. He was, what, 2 for 4 on threes in the first half? I should have played him more. I just felt like our defense was the thing that was going to carry us. I was probably wrong on that one—where four of them attack me after the game. I conceded. No mas.‘’

High school boys basketball - Central Catholic 61, Andover 47 - The Boston Globe -

Carson Desrosiers added 11 points and 25 [!] rebounds.

ACC's Super Bowl ties - ACC Blog - ESPN

The ACC will be well-represented on Sunday in Super Bowl XLIV, and if you look at the players involved, they reflect the overall strength of the ACC -

Wake Forest closes out Miami with lock-down defense - ACC Basketball - Burlington Times News

"It was an ugly game, just terrible out there," Harris said. "There was no flow at all. But it shows how good our defense is. It shows we can step up and lock a team down."

Deacs clamp down

"The shot wasn't falling, and after a while I just tried to be more of a passer because they were crowding me and they were leaving the backside kind of open. "When the shot's not going and they're crowding me, I've got to make the extra pass. Because if I have a lot of points and we lose, it doesn't do anybody any good."

Deacs 62 Miami 53 - Photos by Bob Hebert