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Deacon Dump 2/18: Teague to decide after junior season, Carson's the man


Not your typical linkdump today. With the break between games, you get the chance to see what else is going on outside of basketball, and we have interesting notes, from golf to field hockey. So enjoy the eclectic goodness.

Kuiper’s 3-Pointer: Virginia Tech-Wake Articles
And One: L.D. Williams Has earned a reputation as an outstanding defender, rightfully so. But last night, he showed some real offensive power, scoring 19 points, on a 9-of-11 from the floor performance.

Marquis Teague will decide after junior season | Inside the Hall | An Indiana Hoosiers basketball blog
Marquis Teague, the point guard from Indianapolis Pike who is rated among the top players nationally in the 2011 class, will make a decision on where he’ll attend college shortly after his high school season concludes.

Wake Forest honors women's coach Dailey: Campus Insider: Golf Digest
When Wake Forest's new on-campus golf facility opens for player use next month, there will be a familiar name on the sign out front. School athletic director Ron Wellman announced yesterday that the new learning center will be named in honor of current women's coach Dianne Dailey.

Niesen aims for pen role
Eric Niesen, a third-round pick in 2007 from Wake Forest, is one of several lefthanders in camp vying to complement Pedro Feliciano as a second southpaw in the bullpen. With K-Rod, Ryota Igarashi, Kelvim Escobar, Bobby Parnell, Sean Green and Feliciano, there’s likely one bullpen spot available for a second lefthander or long reliever.

The Evening Sun | Greene's Conroe headed to Wake Forest
Greene senior Chrissy Conroe (second from the left) has chosen to attend Wake Forest University on a field hockey scholarship.

It was a hot night in frigid Blacksburg
McFarland said the incident started when he was walking into the foul-line huddle. "I got pushed," he said. "I guess they looked at replay. The next thing I know, I had one. I didn't even know it. From now on, I guess when I get pushed, I get one, too."

An Open Letter to Chris Paul (from a Charlotte Bobcats Fan) -
Chris, I am writing to you with one humble suggestion: come home. You remember this place right? Winston-Salem, West Forsyth High School, Wake Forest University; the roots of your basketball career. This is where you got your start, and on behalf of the great state of North Carolina, I extend this invitation to once again continue your domination of the sport you love here, close to the people and places that you love.

High School Sports - Merrimack Valley and Southern NH " 10 quick thoughts from Central-SJP
10. Honestly, i wish i kept up with pop culture, so I’d know if the Prep’s students had something with their "Avatar" chant everytime Carson Desrosiers was present. One of the most stable 18-year-olds I’ve ever encountered, Desrosiers simply nodded his head with a sly grin at them in pregame, almost as if to say, "OK, you got me, now I’m going to get you." 24 points, 18 rebounds, 13 blocks and 6 assists later? Mission accomplished.

WFU women have showdown tonight vs. UNC
"They are so talented, it makes my head hurt," Petersen said. "You know they just don't have five girls named ‘Sue,' they've got a lot of great players." Wake Forest (15-10, 6-5 ACC) and UNC (16-8, 2-6) will meet at 7 p.m. today in a pivotal ACC game, and for once the Tar Heels will be looking up at the Deacons in the standings.

My Take on Wake - Bad Night in Blacksburg for Men in Stripes |
Now having stipulated all that, I’ll agree with the general outcry that it was a terribly officiated basketball game. It was so bad it was hard to watch Mike Eades, Bob Donato and Tim Kelly botch one call and one situation after another. The biggest problem was there wasn’t a lead official—technically known as a referee—among them. Eades was designated as such, but last night’s performance is pretty compelling evidence that he’s not up to the role. I agree with a good friend who said that if there had been a true referee on the court, a guy like a Karl Hess or Les Jones or even a Mike Wood working that game, it wouldn’t have disintegrated the way it did. [NOTE]: LOL at Karl Hess.