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Deacon Dump 2/12: Prepping for GT, KP finds a team

TGIF, right? I'm heading down to Winston tonight, so I'm really hoping that these "flurries" are just that and I'll have smooth sailing. I have high hopes. As for today, we'll get some GT action going for you today and you can get a kick-start on today with a few links. Enjoy.

High School - Thorpe adds Wake Forest to list of offers
Jordan junior T.J. Thorpe now has offers from each in-state ACC school after Wake Forest officially offered him a scholarship this week. | Local Pro Sports: Venom sign former Wake Forest DB 02/12/10
The Amarillo Venom announced the signing of former Wake Forest defensive back Kevin Patterson on Thursday.

Bishop Daniels ready to reclaim his reputation | 2K Sports Presents High School Hoop Powered by Dime
HSH: Let’s talk recruitment. What schools are you considering? BD: N.C. State, Wake Forest, Memphis, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Florida, Florida State, Virginia Tech, Virginia, Miami, Baylor and I’ve talked to Kentucky once. HSH: Have they all offered? BD: Miami, Virginia Tech, N.C. State and Wake Forest have all offered.

College Basketball: Maryland Virginia, Virginia Tech North Carolina State, ACC struggles and more college basketball -
What can they do to get to a 4 of 5 seed? Tough question because the landscape shifts every day and it will remain fluid. But if you take a look at teams in line for 4 or 5 seeds now -- say Wake Forest or a Baylor. One difference is that those teams have three or four top 50 victories. But another I see is that those teams have seven or eight wins over top 100 teams. I do think this is an issue for Maryland, which has only won four games against top 100 competition.

It’s early but we’re asking, is Tech an NCAA tournament team? | Tech
He knows things get no easier with three more ACC road games at Wake Forest, at Maryland and at Clemson. (Tech’s home schedule is potentially a little friendlier with games against North Carolina, Boston College and Virginia Tech – but you can’t assume that, either).

Maryland women top Wake Forest
The Wake Forest women's basketball team fell 70-65 to Maryland last night at Joel Coliseum. Wake Forest is 14-10 and 5-5 in the ACC, while Maryland is 17-8 and 4-6. Guard Camille Collier of Wake Forest led all scorers with 20 points, followed by Brittany Waters who added 19, including a career-high five 3-point field goals. Secily Ray had a game-high 14 rebounds.

Prep Results 02.11.10 -
JT Terrell 22,

Wake's Aminu shares thoughts on season, future
Examiner: I hear that. Is this going to be your last season at Wake? Aminu: (Smiles.) I don't know. That hasn't even crossed my mind. I will worry about that after the season. I'll make that decision after the season.

My Take on Wake - The Battle of the `Staches’ |
Chas told me after the Miami game he’d been growing his for a few weeks. I checked him out after Tuesday’s game against BC and it looked like he’s got a ways to go. Then I noticed the growth above Farouq’s upper lip and couldn’t resist. "Who’s got the better mustache, you or Chas?‘’ I asked. "Oh I think Chas does,‘’ he replied. "You’ve been working on yours. How long have you had yours going?‘’ I asked. "Just a little bit. Mine doesn’t grow as fast as Chas’,‘’ he said. The only way to have a true contest, obviously, would be for us to all start clean-shaven. I wouldn’t even mind giving both Chas and Farouq a couple of months head start. So here’s the challenge. If Wake reaches the Final Four, I’ll shave my mustache along with my beard. Then I’ll grow only my mustache back until Chas’ graduation in May, at which time we will declare a winner.