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Season By The Numbers (so far): The ACC's New Head Coaches

I thought it would be an interesting exercise to take a look at each of the new coaches in the ACC and their performance thus far. It's pretty clear that Steve Donahue is not only getting the most out of his players, but overachieving as well, with great wins over IU, Texas A&M, Cal, Providence and Maryland. Clemson has had a tough road, but have no bad losses (all to teams in the top 75 in KenPom, and all from BCS conferences). Brownell doesn't have much to work with as well, and has already signed his first 4* recruit. Wake, well we all know the story there.

Enjoy the rest of the stats after the jump... 

Boston College
Head Coach Steve Donahue
Career Record: 154-140
Previous School: Cornell
Postseason: 2007-08: NCAA 1st Round, 2008-09: NCAA 1st Round, 2009-10: NCAA Sweet Sixteen
2010-2011 Record: 8-2 (1-0)
KenPom Stats: #37 Overall, #6 Adj. O-Efficiency, #23 eFG%, #15 TO%
Wins (KP Rating): St Francis (205), Holy Cross  (213), Texas A&M (30), Cal (81), Indiana (63), UMass (115), Providence (56), Maryland (25)
Losses (KP Rating): Yale (182), Wisconsin (8)
2011 Recruits: *** SG Lonnie Jackson, *** PF Ryan Anderson, *** C Kyle Caudill, ** SF Eddie Odio, ** PF Dennis Clifford

Head Coach Brad Brownell
Career Record: 172-89
Previous Schools: UNCW, Wright State
Postseason: 2002-03: NCAA 1st Round, 2005-06: NCAA 1st Round, 2006-07: NCAA 1st Round
2010-2011 Record: 5-4 (0-1)
KenPom Stats: #47 Overall, #66 Adj. O-Efficiency, #45 Adj. D-Efficiency, #51 D-TO%, #300 A/FGM
Wins (KP Rating): Western Carolina (231), Wofford (112), Long Beach St. (120), Seton Hall (49), SC St. (268)
Losses (KP Rating): ODU (41), Michigan (66), South Carolina (72), FSU (35)
2011 Recruits: ****PF Bernard Sullivan, *** PG Daniel Sapp

Wake Forest
Head Coach Jeff Bzdelik
Career Record (college only): 112-108
Previous Schools: UMBC, Air Force, Colorado
Postseason: 2005-06: NCAA First Round, 2006-07: NIT Final Four
2010-2011 Record: 5-4 
KenPom Stats: #155 Overall, #112 Adj. O-Efficiency, #221 Adj. D-Efficiency, #44 eFG%, #270 TO%, #330 D-TO%, #302 O-Reb%, #4 3PT%, #13 Block%, #6 Effective Height
Wins (KP Rating): Hampton (195), Elon (252), Marist (309), Iowa (77), Holy Cross (213)
Losses (KP Rating): Stetson (271), VCU (80), Winthrop (221), UNCW (234)
2011 Recruits: *** SG Chase Fischer, ** PF Daniel Green