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Special Holiday Offer From Replay Photos


I'm incredibly difficult to shop for during the holidays. So is my dad. We've just always been that way. But it's pretty consistent that if you get me a book or something sports-related, I'll be happy. Two of the best gifts I've received in recent memory are the panoramic views of BB&T Field and the Joel, framed, in my apartment. There's something about having that shot nearby that makes me feel close to Wake.

So, yeah, it's pimping a site a little bit, but we've got a cool partner offer set up today with Replay Photos. They've got a bunch of photos and you can get them framed, including some cool stadium shots and other images for Wake, as well as a bunch of other colleges and NFL teams. And if you use this link, you'll get $70 in photos for only $30. Click through using the link ( check out the site, and see if there's anything you like. Thanks guys.