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Week 11 Preliminary BlogPoll

 Week 11 preliminary is up now. Here are the biggest things to look at:

  • Oregon and Auburn stay at 1 and 2 in the poll, but TCU jumps Boise State to move to #3 overall. I was impressed with both TCU and Boise State this weekend. I thought Boise might have some problems with the passing game of Hawaii, due to their secondary, but they handled it very well. TCU looked extremely good against Utah. Although I don't value Utah as much as other voters do (they haven't played anybody besides TCU), a 40 point win is still impressive.
  • LSU moves up to #5 after their win over Alabama (who I had at #5 last week). Stanford and Wisconsin stay the same, while I bumped down Nebraska for sneaking out a win over Iowa State.
  • Oklahoma State continues to impress me as they throttled previously ranked Baylor 55-28. 
  • Oklahoma, Missouri and Utah all experienced falls in the poll after their losses. 
  • Entering the polls this week, I have San Diego State at 25, Florida at 24, and Texas A&M at 23. I was between UNC, UCF and San Diego State at 25, but went with the Aztecs.
  • As always, comments are welcome. I don't think I missed anybody/anything, but let me know if I did.