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BSD Preliminary BlogPoll Week 12

  • Many of you will disagree with my timing for bumping TCU up this week. I honestly think they are a better team than Auburn, and they got another solid win over SDSU this weekend to back it up. TCU is the second best team in the country in my mind, and I believe they will provide the best test to Oregon.
  • Stanford jumps over LSU because of their body of work so far this year. Their only loss is the #1 team in the country, and LSU has used quite a bit of luck to get to where they are.
  • Alabama had an impressive win over Mississippi State, and they got rewarded by jumping over Nebraska and Ohio State.
  • Admittedly, this is a weird week in terms of what changes, but let me hear what y'all think. The bottom of my poll is kind of muddled because I'm not sure who to put in there. Let me hear about the middle of the poll too. I mainly just bumped by teams up that won and bumped down the ones that lose.