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BSD Interview with Ty Walker


BSD had the chance recently to catch up with rising junior Ty Walker. Walker is expected to play a large role this season, as well as fill a leadership role. As usual, Ty was a fantastic interview and gave some really solid answers that should leave readers excited about not only his game, but the whole team for the year. 


Click through the jump for the Q and A with Ty Walker

BSD: How is Coach Bzdelik different from Coach Gaudio? What has he been emphasizing in practice?

TYNot knocking Coach Gaudio at all, but Coach Bzdelik has had NBA experience and has coached players like Carmelo Anthony and Mark Pope, so he definitely has a tremendous feel for the game and is a genius in regards to x's and o's.

BSD: How is the team coming together?

Ty: The team is coming along well. We have a group of hard workers who want nothing but to get better. I am looking forward to seeing how we stand on the basketball court.

BSD: How have you grown as a player in the off-season? What impact has Coach Pope brought?

Ty: I have grown in terms of strength. Most people have told me that they see noticeable bulk on my frame, so I am just trying to continue to work hard and hopefully fulfill my dream. Coach Pope has worked with my touch and how clever I am in the post. Some things that he taught me I had never noticed before, and I am ready to see how it pans out in game play.

BSD: How do the freshmen look, and what can we expect from them this year? 

Ty: The freshman look extremely good. They have an unbelievable work ethic and they will have to step up and fulfill bigger roles than what they are used to. They will hold their own.

BSD: What are the goals you have set for yourself this year?

Ty: I just want to keep a level head and be as active as possible. If I do these things, then I know I will have a very good year.

BSD: What are the goals for the team?

Ty: We just want to take it one day at a time and continue to better ourselves each and everyday. We want to create some noise in the ACC and take it from there.

BSD: What does it mean to shift into a leadership role as one of the older players on the team? Have you embraced that role?

Ty: It's humbling. It takes a real special person to grab ahold of a role in which you havent had to worry about for two years due to not playing. I plan on taking full advantage of the situation, and remain as positive as I can with my teammates.

BSD: What were you thinking when Tony transferred? Are you two still in touch?

Ty:  I thought, "man I cant believe my homie is gone." We had a very close friendship and I could talk to him about anything. We still keep in touch, but it just isnt the same when your best friend isn't around.

Get to know Ty Questions:

BSD:What are you listening to lately?

Ty:  I listen to Lil Wayne "I am not a human being" and Wale "More about nothing". Those are my favorite albums.

BSD: Favorite NBA team/favorite player.

Ty: My favorite NBA team is the Heat because of Lebron James. He has always been my favorite player.

BSD: Favorite college team aside from Wake Forest.

Ty:  I really don't have a favorite college ouside of Wake Forest.

BSD: If you could have dinner with 4 people who would they be?

Ty: God, Skip Prosser, Michael Jordan, Lebron James

BSD: When your life becomes a movie, who will play Ty Walker?

Ty: I'm not sure who will play me. I dont think anyone acts just like me, so I think it will take some time for me to find a person to play the role.

BSD: Best friend on another college team?

Ty: Ernest "Stretch" Washington (Southern Illinois) 

BSD: Any ideas for new tattoos? How many do you have/what is the most significant one.

Ty: I want to get the right side of my chest done. I already have the left and middle done with a scripture and a rosary. I want the other side done with another bible scripture and also get a chest plate like the one in the bible that says, "I put on the chest plate of armor for the Lord". My most signifcant one is definitely the Skip Prosser tattoo. That will always be my favorite.


                                                                  Ty Walker "Coach Prosser" Tattoo