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Defense By the Numbers

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I was curious as to where Wake Forest ranked in the country in the most prominent statistics that usually indicate how your team is doing defensively. I wanted to take a look at it without including Presbyterian, because let's be honest, they are the worst team in Division-I football right now (FBS or FCS).

The stats that follow are Wake Forest's stats against the other 6 games on our schedule (the teams we have a 1-5 record against).

Scoring Defense- 41.8 (116th)
Rushing Defense- 234.50(115th)
Passing Defense- 235.3 (85th )
3rd Down Defense- 53.41% (119th)----This is the worst stat in my opinion.
Red Zone Defense- 91% score rate  (99th) (26 touchdowns, 3 FGs in 32 possessions) 
        >The 26/32 TD rate is 81% (117th in the country).

We are also 62nd in the country in turnovers forced (9), and +1 on the year against FBS teams.

These numbers are pretty much atrocious. I don't care if it is a rebuilding year or not, Wake Forest should never be that bad defensively. I think this is pretty telling as to why our record is what it is. I am even willing to give the Deacs the benefit of the doubt to see how things turn up the rest of the season since we have played a frontloaded schedule with very good QB's, but if things don't improve by the end of the season we need to reassess what we are doing defensively.