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Fun with KenPom, Statsheet and other ACC stats

I was browsing through ACC stats this morning and found some interesting ones that I wanted to share. Some you probably know, some maybe are new. Read on to find out and leave your own finds!

- Al-Farouq Aminu is relentless on the offensive glass. His 4.4 per game lead the ACC by 1 full rebound per game and put him 7th in the nation. What is impressive to me though, is that he grabs 30.5% of Wake’s total offensive rebounds, also good for 7th in the nation.

- The ACC leader in PER is Trevor Booker at 28.5 (30th in the nation). Aminu is Wake’s top representative at 26.1. I am kind of surprised no ACC player is higher than 30th in PER.

- Brian Zoubek is a fouling machine with 8.7 fouls committed per 40 minutes, the highest rate I could find in the ACC on KenPom. Meanwhile, Dwayne Collins is leading the ACC in fouls drawn, at 7.5 per 40. Unfortunately for Miami, he is shooting only 52% from the free throw line.

- What is it about playing Georgia Tech that makes teams not be able to shoot free throws? Georgia Tech is last in the ACC in FT% at 62.4% but first in opposition free throw percentage with 64.8%.

- Duke plays solid perimeter defense, as evidenced that they allow only 19.8% of opponents points from 3 point distance. This is helped by the great on ball pressure put on by the guards and good help defense off the ball. This is helping Duke keep their opponents at bay, as they cannot get back into the game quickly with the 3. I don’t believe Duke has yet to let a big lead slip away, either in a win or a loss.

- Not only is Duke not allowing many three point attempts (second lowest in the ACC), they have the second lowest opponent 3 point field goal percentage in the ACC.

- Finally, the debate over the ACC ROY. Take a look:

See Comparison Here

These are some interesting stats and trends I have found in browsing through stats. What have you found that intrigues you?