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What's Wrong with the Demon Deacons?

So there's certainly enough angles I could take with this one, but instead of running through a laundry list of the things Wake needs to address, I'm going to focus on just one element and expound on it. Today I will be discussing Wake's offensive philosophy...


Wake has clearly had no trouble moving the ball. But as Coach Grobe has mentioned time and again, execution has been the problem. Despite all the yards, Wake is just not putting the ball in the endzone with as much frequency as they would like. 

Here's the thing plain and simple: the Demon Deacons have a plethora of offensive options. They have three capable running backs in Harris, Adams and Pendergrass, a number of gifted receivers (the Williamses, Givens, Y'lou) and an offensive line that, despite its inconsistencies, is still experienced and has shown flashes. Not to mention they are led by Riley Skinner, one of the best quarterbacks in the ACC.

So, what's the problem? Well, I believe it stems from the Deacs' inability to play with a sense of urgency throughout the entire game. This showed in the BC game. The defense clearly had lapses on more than one occasion and made a first-start quarterback look like the reincarnation of Matt Ryan. But it was known all along that the offense was going to have to carry the team.

What is frustrating in general is that when forced into a corner, the Deacs can score at will. Skinner has led comebacks in three of the four games so far and has moved the ball right downfield. I believe this stems from the work of a quality no-huddle offense.

Why not do that the entire game? This puts pressure on the defense and keeps them from being able to rotate personnel in and out of the game, increasing fatigue. And Skinner has shown consistently in his career that he really runs the two-minute offense well.

I think Lobo really needs to take a look at this as an option. I'm not saying run the spread all the time. I'm just saying speed the game up a bit. I know Coach Grobe likes ball control offense and to control the time of possession, but it has been shown by the teams in the Big 12 that teams can control the game with a high-powered offense in addition to having the potential to break a big play at any time.

This team could very easily be 4-0 right now, but it comes down to consistency, execution and a desire to play hard for four quarters. The Deacs have to address this soon, or they run the risk of falling down the same hole that teams like last year's Clemson team have fallen into in the past.