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As part of our Q&A series, we had the chance to talk with the BC blog Thanks to Bill for answering our questions and check out the site to see our answers to his questions for us as well as some good BC coverage. Enjoy.

1.)So what's the deal with the quarterback situation?

We have four guys. All very similar in experience. All very similar in how they performed in the fall practices. Justin Tuggle barely won the battle to be the starter but all four have played this year. Tuggle struggled against Clemson and will likely start against Wake. Tuggle is raw and not a great passer, but has good upside and can run. Another QB, likely David Shinskie, will see the field. At this point we don't know if these guys are just green or not very good. It's a big reason why everyone associated with BC is unsure of how the season will play out.

2.) The offensive and defensive lines have always seemed like they have been a big part of BC's game in the past. How are the lines playing so far and what do you think has been the biggest reason for the lines' success?

The defensive line replaced a lot of talent yet is holding up well. The offensive line only replaced one starter yet is struggling  If and when the offensive line improves, it should help the QBs mature and perform better.

As for why the lines have done well over the years, I think the coaching has been strong and we done a good job of IDing guys who will learn and mature into their positions. Rarely have BC's line stars been highly touted recruits. Most were late bloomers.

3.) I got asked this question from the guys over at BC Interruption, but I really thought it was a good one: What do you make of the BC-Wake series? From where I'm sitting, it seems like this could develop into a natural rivalry. Do you guys get amped up for Wake games or is it like any other ACC opponent?

I like Wake but I will dread playing the Deacons as long as Grobe is the coach. I think he's one of those guys that will always be tough to beat regardless of how much talent he has.

The series has produced some exciting games, but I don't know how much of a rivalry will developed. The casual BC fans tend to be fixated on Notre Dame and the diehards are developing an affinity for the BC-Clemson series.

For a good rivalry you need passion on both sides. I don't see it happening with Wake in the near future. Neither fan base gets that excited about the other.

4.) Same question as yours: what is your prediction for Saturday?

I think BC's offense will finally move the ball, contain Wake's offense, and win a 17-13 squeaker .