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Deacon Dump 8/17: First scrimmage in the books

Photo courtesy of Bob Hebert

Rough Stretches in ACC Schedules - Carolina March
Wake Forest's ACC Tour: Wake gets almost all their ACC games in two lumps. The first starts in the last week of September, when they get almost the entire Atlantic Division - Boston College, N.C. State, Maryland and Clemson in four consecutive weeks. Two many missteps and they'll be out of the running before mid-October; if they're still contending following a a road game at Navy, they'll get the second wave of Miami, Georgia Tech, and Florida State. Only then do they get their off-week, in the pentultimate week of the season, where they can use the rest to prepare for... Duke. Boffo strategic scheduling there.

'Amazing' face time for Curry
“I mean, this is Shawn Merriman, a guy that I’ve been watching play and he actually took the time out of his day to approach me. He just wants me to be successful.” Pahokee's Allen plans on visiting Rocky Top (Premium)
Lane Kiffin is trying to steal one from Little Ole Wake Forest

Miller has quite a dance card | | The Courier-Journal
“I won't narrow it until probably my senior year; or whenever I feel like it,” he said. “I am in no rush right now. But I am liking it all right now.”

Panthers' Smith makes surprise return :
Fittingly, Smith's surprisingly quick return to practice Friday ended with a throw-and-catch session with inexperienced receiver Kenny Moore. They spent much of the offseason working out together with Smith's young son toting along, an experience that conflicted with the Panthers star's loner persona -- and renewed his enthusiasm.

Smokin' QBs on Tobacco Road | Richmond Times-Dispatch
"I think that's usually your top concern coming back, whether your quarterback has experience and whether he has good experience," said Wake Forest coach Jim Grobe, who welcomes back four-year starter Riley Skinner. "If you've got that one, then it makes all the other decisions so much easier.

Grobe Pleased With Wake Forest's First Scrimmage | | Triad, NC | Sports News Article
Grobe was impressed with the defense's performance as well. "Mike Olson made a big play out in the flat," said Grobe. " Justin Jackson seemed like he was in on every play. We have a lot of young guys who are talented. If you look at us, we don't have a lot of experience on the defensive side of the ball but the year we were probably the best was the year we won the championship and that's when we had a lot of freshmen and sophomores who were helping us a lot.

Leadership Shows: Skinner looks in midseason form during Wake Forest's scrimmage
As promised, Skinner spread his passes around on a day that 13 different Deacons caught passes. Terence Davis, a redshirt freshman, led the way with six catches for 76 yards, Brown caught four for 51 yards, Givens four for 32 yards and two touchdowns, Marshall Williams three for 32 yards, and Jordan Williams two for 18 yards.

Seahawks linebacker Aaron Curry's dreams have come true | Seattle Times Newspaper
Aaron Curry is 247 pounds of muscle and menace, and Aaron Curry is a self-described Mama's boy who met his wife over Facebook. P He is a linebacker, the football equivalent of a heat-seeking missile, and he has a little sweet tooth, too. The UPC bar code for Jujubes — his favorite candy — is tattooed on his shoulder.

Wake Forest among teams with most seniors - ACC - ESPN
Here's the flip side of South Carolina's sports information department survey of FBS schools to find out which teams in the country had the fewest seniors on their roster. UTEP's sports information department made a list of the programs with the most seniors on their roster, and only one ACC school was represented -- Wake Forest