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Deacon Dump 7/29: Muse resigns, Teague getting high praise

The big story of course is Coach Muse resigning. We will have a story about the impact of his decision before tomorrow. Aside from that, media day had some great quotes and we are going to share just a few of those in link form...

Vacation visions | Hawks Blog
JEFF TEAGUE is going to make a lot of people forget about the disappointing saga that was Acie Law IV’s tenure with the Hawks. Teague did more than just turn heads during the Hawks’ mini-camp last week. He sparked conversation about point guard play I hadn’t heard in my time covering the Hawks before last week. "He did some things as a young point guard that we hadn’t seen on our practice floor since Chris Paul and Deron Williams were here for predraft workouts," one Hawks assistant coach told me last week.

StarNewsOnline: The Voice of Southeastern North Carolina
"From top-to-bottom, there's not a team in the league right now that can't win it," said Grobe, whose Deacons proved that to be true in 2006 when they won the ACC title after being picked sixth in the Atlantic Division during the preseason. "We get criticized for that, because there's no so-called marquee preseason No. 1 or 2 team. But when you have to play each other every Saturday, you know that you better bring it or you're going to lose." - -Notebook: Wake coach looks to Britt's Ghee
"What Brandon has always been is a real physical corner for us and he's a speed guy,'' Grobe said. "He's been in position at times to make plays, but has kind of blown up the receiver rather than go-play-the-ball type stuff. That's what Alphonso was really good at. When the ball was in the air, he almost became the receiver. That's what we need to get a little more out of Brandon.''

ACC Dish: Bowden has high praise for Wolfpack QB Wilson - Matt Crossman- Sporting News
The position is still Harris' because he performed well in games as opposed to practices, Grobe said. But as it stands now, all three will receive significant playing time. "If we had to do it now, it'd probably be a series at a time," Grobe said.

JULY VISION: WFU's Skinner sees history on horizon
Skinner insists that he became a Deacon because he played with Russell at the Bolles School in Florida. "Basically I got looked at because of him," Skinner said. "He was one of their top recruits coming in from Jacksonville. Coach (Tom) Elrod was down at our school all the time. Luckily, when the defense wasn't on the field, he had to watch the offense."

Can we fast-forward to September? - ACC - ESPN
If there's no hype around their team (Wake Forest) they relish flying under the radar. The players were all humble, well-spoken and genuine in their thoughts about the upcoming season. That session is easily my favorite part about this trip, and because it's my second full season as the conference blogger, I now have a rapport with most of them. (Riley Skinner forgave me for his admittedly-too-low ranking in the top 30 and obliged me by answering a question, while Christian Ponder wondered, "who let you in here?") BALL: Super Showcase wrapup, Part 2
And the final surprise of the day goes to Wake Forest commit Melvin Tabb. He plays for CP3 alongside much more heralded Reggie Bullock but today out played the UNC commit. The Demon Deacons got a steal here.

My preseason ballot: VT does it again - ACC - ESPN
HD picks Wake 4th in the Atlantic

The other quarterback from Florida who also wins a lot - The Post and Courier
"I see (Tebow) playing golf every summer," Skinner said. "We say 'Hey' to each other and talk to each other. We went to some awards banquets in high school together. Our families know each other. He's a class act and a great quarterback." Skinner is a class act and a good quarterback who, like Wake Forest, is underrated once again.

ACC INSIDER: Wake back under the radar -
"I like feeling dissatistifed after an eight-win season," Russell said, "because it keeps you motivated to do more. Even though we did some good things, it's right there for the taking."

Broncos sign rookie CB Alphonso Smith - The Denver Post
Smith was the No. 37 overall selection in the 2009 draft, a pick the Broncos obtained from Seattle by dealing away one of their first-round picks in 2010. He was to formally sign Sunday evening a contract that guaranteed roughly $2.85 million.