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Weekend Link Dump 6/6

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SUNS: Oakland Pre-Draft Workout Review
Jeff Teague (guard, Wake Forest): “Jeff may or may not go back to school. He may need the seasoning of playing a full year of playing as a point guard on a team of that caliber. If he does come out, he is probably further out in terms of his point guard development than the rest, but he has perhaps more physical gifts. He’s incredibly quick. He’s very explosive off the floor. He shot at a high percentage, but mechanically is going to need to get his shot off quicker. There’s a little shot put nature to his shot. He probably stands to gain an awful lot to going back and playing full-time point guard, but he showed his explosiveness.”

Aminu brothers host more than hoops camp
"Chris Paul's camp costs $300 and that does not include Merrill Lynch, the lifestyle coach and all the free stuff we are incorporating," said camp director Mike Drum, who works basketball camps all over the country. "That's $300 and you'll get just basketball. This is a great event." Most summer basketball camps focus on just the basics of basketball like shooting, dribbling and playing good defense. The Brotherhood of the World Summer Basketball Camp focused on all of that, but added off the court lessons. "It's a free camp and something to do for the kids. Try to improve their ball skills, improve their daily life, eating habits, stuff like that, and financial advice," said Al-Farouq Aminu, who led Norcross to back-to-back state titles and was a standout freshman at Wake Forest last season.

Aminu backs choice to stay at Wake
"Education, my parents really stressed that to me, and they didn't want me to go out in the business world with one year of education under my belt," Aminu said. "I wanted to play with my teammates again. I came in with a nice freshman class, so I just wanted to come back." Aminu was also motivated to come back for his sophomore season after Wake was upset in the first round of the NCAA basketball tournament. "It's just ugly when you don't make it out of the first round, so I'd really like to come back and make a push further in the tournament," Aminu said.

SLAM ONLINE | " Summertime in the LBC
–Melvin Tabb, 6-8 post, Enloe (NC), Class of 2010: Tabb, a Wake Forest commit, was a kid I’d never seen, but had heard mixed reviews about. Out in Cali, he showed that the love was justified and at least if he played up to his potential, he was an elite player in his class, as he mixed a physical post game with smooth face-up moves. Athletic and strong, Tabb finished with power and finesse around the basket, shot the ball well from mid-range and deep, beat opposing big men off the dribble and used his above-the-rim capabilities to dominate the boards and be an intimidator on the defensive end.

–JT Terrell, 6-4 wing, Cummings (NC), Class of 2010: Terrell, who I first saw play as a rising soph two years ago, didn’t display the most judicious shot selection I’ve ever seen, but when you make as many shots as he did, what can you say? Another Wake Forest commit, he was one of the best athletes in the camp, as he threw down numerous dunks both in transition and off the dribble, skied high for boards and made acrobatic layups. He was also one of the best shooters, having stretches where just about everything fell for him, and he showed the ability to get to the rim at will by using his creative handle.

UA's Miller completes administrative staff
UA's Miller completes administrative staff, Director of basketball operations, administrative assistant's positions filled--hires Wake Forest assistant coordinator of operations Ryan Reynolds

Wake Forest Sports: Rusty LaRue 3-part Interview

Clark, Johnson match up on, off court
Louisville's Earl Clark and Wake Forest's James Johnson are competitors by day, forwards facing off in workouts and attempting to prove their worth to various teams before the June 25 NBA draft. But the two players who took part in a workout for the Kings on Friday have become travel pals by night, enjoying the process together if only because so many front-office types have scheduled it that way.

2009 NBA Draft profile: Wake Forest forward James Johnson
James Johnson, a wowing Wake Forest forward, has an undeniable future ahead of him. Though blowing his NCAA dreams to a very unsuspecting Cleveland State team, James Johnson can do anything but doubt his endless NBA possibilities.